Customer Experience Analytics for Every Step of the Customer Journey [Infographic]

Sure, what you make from a customer is one number. The length of time it took a customer to turn into “paid” from a lead? That’s another number. There are lots of numbers that you probably have to collect and analyze when it comes to your customers.

But numbers are not the whole thing and they certainly don’t give you the whole picture of your customers. For example, let’s take those sales. How hard did your account managers have to work in order to get that sale? Was it easy, and therefore a good match and a worthwhile network, or was it a sale that you had to stretch for and invest many more resources than you expected? If you realize that customers and the customer experience is a much more nuanced experience, then you’ll likely have more stability and fewer responses to the cycles of the market, because your base is that much more stable. This graphic offers some interesting insights.

Customer Experience Analytics For Every Step of the Customer Journey

Infographic courtesy of Salesforce.

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