Weekly Content, Social and SEO Roundup (April 16 – April 23 2018)

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From Visual Contenting

The Comprehensive Guide to Snapchat Ad Targeting Options

Have you leveraged Snapchat to connect with your targeted audience? If you’re looking for ways to reach your audience on Snapchat, this infographic is a must-read. It’s your comprehensive guide to Snapchat ad targeting options.

Digital Advertising Trends in 2018

This infographic discusses about digital advertising trends in 2018 that you should pay attention to.

What Is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Want to know what the future is? The future is mobile – and the future is here.

Mobile has taken over in a way that few expected it to. In fact, mobile is growing so much that many people now rely exclusively on their smaller smart devices, to the exclusion of laptops. Those mobile-only users are also going to grow to over 500 million users – in just three years.

That has engendered a lot of changes for everyone in business, but most specifically marketers. They have to think about how they’re reaching customers, and how those customers want to receive information, too – on a mobile-only platform to complicate things further. So one of the best ways to do that is to think about what you know about your customers and how you can use that information to help reach them with what they want and need. And that’s where automation comes in; this graphic explains it.

Using Storytelling to Sell Products

This infographic discusses about how brands can use storytelling to sell products.

From Around the Web

The Concise Guide to B2B Content Marketing

Digital has disrupted B2B sales and marketing completely over the last decade or so. Indeed, the old perception of a distinction between the roles that ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’ play in getting new clients has been completely blurred. Like B2C marketing the old, interruptive ways of reaching new customers are no longer as effective. Whilst there still may be a role for cold calling, trade shows and even show rooms, the web has democratised information and if a potential prospect wants to find out some information about a product or a service the first thing they’ll do is Google it. The benefits of being in mind when someone Google’s a product or service should be obvious. How you achieve this mindshare is a different story. We wanted to share our insight and experience as to how we do it in this ultimate guide to B2B content marketing.

10 Pro Tips for Running an Effective PR Campaign

A PR campaign can have a long-lasting impact on your brand’s reputation and public image. But it must be well-planned.

An effective PR campaign is more than just a press release on a new product or a fundraiser to raise brand awareness. To create a remarkably effective PR campaign, you need to take some big extra steps.

If done right, your PR campaign can attract national (and positive) media attention, boost sales drastically, and create a positive relationship between your company and the public for years to come. To help you reach these heights with your next PR campaign, we’ve compiled ten effective tips.

The 3-Step Process I Use to Get a 40% Email Response Rate

In sales, there is something better than the freebies you get at every event: Warm introductions.

If you ask any C-level executive or above, they are 10 times more likely to respond to your email or phone call if you have been referred by a person they like, trust, or respect.

Most outreach emails with no context generate a 1-2% response rate.

I find that my warm referrals normally receive a 40% response rate, which is conservatively 20 to 40 times better than a standard email. The 10X number I quoted above is the bare minimum you should aim for when starting new relationships.

How Much Does Social Media Influencer Marketing Cost?

Do you know how much an influencer marketing campaign costs? Or how much you should be paying an influencer?

If you’re not quite sure, don’t be worried. I’m like you. I didn’t know much before I did the research for this blog post.

And in truth, there’s no exact science to figuring out how much you should pay influencers, as one social media executive explained to Digiday: “We have no idea what to pay them. That’s the problem.”1

While there isn’t a clearcut answer to this question, there are some guidelines used by marketers, agencies, and influencers themselves. There are even tools to help you calculate how much to pay specific influencers.

We are going to share all these in this blog post. If you are interested, let’s dive in.

Ecommerce Mobile Optimization Popup Strategy (Hint: Thumb-Targeted Button)

AppSumo is one of the most successful eCommerce companies in history. In the growth study I wrote on AppSumo’s Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook I leaked the four popups that helped the company grow a 1.7 million email subscriber list.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up the “Thumb-Targeted Button” popup AppSumo used to get a 100% increase in mobile conversions.

Latest Jobs

Job Title Company Location
Project-Based Content Writer: Finance Shmoop REMOTE
Technical Writer At Poa Network POA Network REMOTE, USA
Marketing Automation Specialist CIEE BOSTON, MA
Motion Graphic Designer CBN VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
Development Communications Senior Specialist Cincinnati Children’s CINCINNATI, OH
Brand Partnership Manager – Shopstyle ShopStyle Collective NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS
Visual Designer at Knock Knock REMOTE
Social Media Analyst PSECU HARRISBURG, PA
Content Marketing Manager McAfee SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA
Community Concierge at Lean Startup Co.  Lean Startup Co. REMOTE
Copywriter Reflex Media Inc. LAS VEGAS, NV

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