Weekly Content, Social and SEO Roundup (April 09 – April 16 2018)

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From Visual Contenting

3 Reasons to Allow Your Customers to Comparison Shop

It seems that everyone is shopping online these days. If you have an eCommerce business, that is obviously good news. At the same time, you need to give the visitors to your website what they want. This involves not only detailed product descriptions, but an explanation as to why they should ultimately choose to give you their business. This is why you want to consider your options for comparison shopping engine management. Here are three reasons why you want to allow your customers to comparison shop.

Key Elements of Developing a Consistent Brand Voice

How original is your content? Are the posts you share on different channels aligned and easily recognizable? Most importantly, if your brand name or logo didn’t appear with your content, would your customers recognize that it is coming from you?

That’s called brand consistency and your brand voice is one of its most significant elements.

Namely, great fluctuations in your tone and voice may lead to the inconsistencies in your branding strategy and affect your overall brand image.

That’s something you shouldn’t allow.

How to Gracefully Handle Negative Reviews on Social Media

An online presence is essential for a business to thrive these days. The Internet can offer many resources and drive a lot of business to a company. It allows greater visibility and access for potential customers to find products and services they need. This can be a great boon if properly utilized.

With an internet presence comes customer feedback and reviews that are often publicly visible. How you handle negative customer interactions will be widely accessible, meaning that a good image is the key to success. Let’s examine how you can handle negative reviews via social media – without losing your temper or dignity.

Using Social Media to Boost In-store Sales

While many retailers use social media, unfortunately many of them do not do so effectively. This infographic from Colourfast looks at how retailers should be using social media to help drive in-store sales. It involves more than posting sporadic third-party updates and you need to create engaging platforms for potential customers. Hopefully, the stat pointing to how 74% of people using social media to guide their purchasing decisions will be the encouragement retailers need to do a little more.

Social media is also growing as a platform where you can communicate with your customers. It has become just as important as communicating with customers on the phone, in email, or even in person. Another important point is that there needs to be a cohesive message both on your social media and in-store.

Measuring ROI on Video Marketing Campaigns

With video growing into an increasingly dominant force online, it is fast becoming an indispensable tool that businesses can no longer ignore. Despite a significant uptake in video production among the business community, there is still a large portion of business-owners who remain skeptical about investing their time and money into video.

The good news however, is that study after study has revealed that video is in fact well worth the investment. Did you know for example, that videos embedded on your site can result in an 80% increase in conversion rates? Video marketing has also been shown to have positive effects on brand awareness, email marketing and lead generation.

From Around the Web

Casper, Warby Parker, & Dollar Shave Club: How Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Changing Ecommerce Forever

Direct-to-consumer companies cater to people’s desire for simplicity. They eliminate the hassle of researching brands and choosing from hundreds of options, making shopping practically effortless. D2C brands manufacture, market, and distribute their own products without using middlemen, which enables them to reduce costs, interact directly with consumers, and provide a seamless start-to-finish buyer’s experience.

For consumers, the easy buying process is typically the distinguishing factor when choosing D2C over a traditional shop.

Why one startup is investing 100% of its crowdfunding into marketing

Online fashion retailer Own The Look has spent the past year ramping up its business and is looking to raise £250,000 through crowdfunding, all of which it plans to spend on marketing.

When launching any new business knowing when to start marketing the offer is key. Too early and customers might be turned off by glitches that still need to be fixed. But too late and what was once a unique proposition could be seen as dated and no longer new.

It’s a dilemma Olivia Cantillon, co-founder of editorially-led shopping platform Own The Look is all too familiar with. Having spent a number of years working as a fashion and beauty editor on women’s magazines, she spotted what she believes is a gap in the online retail market. Rather than offering individual items, Cantillon uses her styling expertise to create outfits made up of pieces from emerging designers that consumers can buy in their entirety to ‘own the look’.

26 Writing Exercises That’ll Give Your Content More Punch and Power

Wouldn’t you love to smash your content out of the ring every time?

To always land that knockout blow, just like your blogging idols?

Imagine having the same audience of cheering fans, clamoring to read your next post (or to buy your next book).

Yep. That’s the dream, alright.

But let’s face reality. When you sit down to write new content, it never quite measures up to the greats. (How do they make it look so easy?)

How to Research and Plan Your Blog Content for a Year

Do you use a blog to connect with customers and prospects?

Wondering how to plan and publish strategic content on a consistent schedule?

In this article, you’ll discover how to set your blog’s editorial calendar for an entire year.

How to Reshare an Instagram Post to Your Instagram Stories

Wish you could easily reshare someone else’s Instagram post?

Have you heard of Instagram’s Add Post to Your Story feature?

In this article, you’ll discover how to add any public post to your Instagram story and how this feature can benefit your business.

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