Using Social Media to Boost In-store Sales [Infographic]

While many retailers use social media, unfortunately many of them do not do so effectively. This infographic from Colourfast looks at how retailers should be using social media to help drive in-store sales. It involves more than posting sporadic third-party updates and you need to create engaging platforms for potential customers. Hopefully, the stat pointing to how 74% of people using social media to guide their purchasing decisions will be the encouragement retailers need to do a little more.

Social media is also growing as a platform where you can communicate with your customers. It has become just as important as communicating with customers on the phone, in email, or even in person. Another important point is that there needs to be a cohesive message both on your social media and in-store. There is not much point of having a great social media team if the in-store experience is going to let the customer down. Find out more in the infographic.

Using Social Media to Boost In-store Sales


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