Snapchat Stories VS. Instagram Stories [Infographic]

The introduction of Instagram Stories has resulted in much debate. To many it seems like Instagram are blatantly copying the format Snapchat made famous, but in truth, this is a very typical chain of events in the world of social media. For example, Facebook essentially copied their ‘trending’ section from Twitter, so this isn’t exactly new ground. Both Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories are pretty similar but there are also some subtle differences.

The technology behind Snapchat with the use of geofilters and face-mapping filters is still ahead of Instagram where users can still only draw over, add text, and apply text to color filters.

If there’s one thing Instagram Stories has going for it, it’s the amount of people who use Instagram every day. They have doubled the number of users as Snapchat and this will help their story feature gain traction. Find out more information about the ongoing battle between the two in the below infographic from One Productions.

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