A Developer’s Guide to In-App Advertising [Infographic]

Now more than ever, monetization is crucial for the lifetime survivability of apps on the marketplace. Developers are hard pressed to ensure that their apps are earning as much as possible, and there are more ways to do so than ever before.

In-app advertising has become one of the fastest and most accepted ways for developers to earn revenue from their app without charging users an upfront fee. For the discerning mobile app developer, here are some key aspects to be aware of when selecting in-app advertising options for your app.

Why Choose In-App Advertising?

When weighing the options of how to monetize your app, it comes down to which method is going to yield the greatest results. Not only revenue, but how your audience will respond, as well as cost of time and effort to implement. Luckily for many developers, in-app advertising checks green across the board.

In-app advertising allows developers to deliver targeted ads to their users no matter what their interests are. Services like Google’s AdMob can be utilized on the fly and allow for quick implementation, making earning revenue all the faster.

Types of Mobile Ads

In-app mobile ads come in a number of variations, but generally fall within three categories. Interstitial Ads remain on the screen and allow the user to click for more information.

Push Notifications give users alerts on updates within the app or upcoming promotions. These types are hard to miss, but because of their unmissable nature they can become annoying if used incorrectly.

Finally, Native Ads are built into the app and look completely natural to the look and feel. They appear seamlessly integrated and are the least obtrusive.

There are numerous SDKs that exist purely to simplify the process of getting in-app mobile ads into developers’ mobile apps. Depending on your goals and audience, you’ll need to explore your options to find the right fit for your app.

For more information, check out the infographic below as an added resource.

A Developer's Guide to In-App Advertising