How to Use Email Autoresponder [Infographic]

What Is an Email Autoresponder?

  • A sequence of emails sent to those who subscribe to the campaign.
  • Those emails are set up to go out at predetermined intervals automatically.

How to Set Up Your Email Autoresponder

  • Set up an email list.
  • Add your first email.
  • Create your first email message.
  • Create your further emails.
  • Promote to your list.

Ways to Use Email Autoresponders

  • Free mini courses
  • Archives presentation
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Upselling
  • Surveys
  • Giveaways

What Not to Do When Emailing Your List

  • Don’t email multiple times per day.
  • Don’t be irrelevant.
  • Don’t advertise all the time.

Powerful Words to Use in Your Autoresponder Subject Lines

  • Secret gift
  • How to
  • You/your
  • First name
  • Brand names

Infographic courtesy of GetResponse.

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