7 Best Tools to Make Social Media Videos

Social video has in the recent past helped social media marketers achieve high engagement rates that no other content type can. If you are one of those marketers yet to embrace social media, you are doing your brand a great disservice. According to available statistics, most professional marketers (84%) now incorporate video in their marketing strategies. The percentage among small and medium-sized businesses is a little lower at 55%. Clearly, there is still room for improvement.

This difference is in large part because creating video is both costly and time-consuming. However, given the potential that social video has to growing your brand on social networking sites, it is important to consider affordable ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Unlike yesteryears when few tools existed that could help businesses create video at low costs, today there are numerous video making tools that will help you create compelling social videos for your audience on social media sites. Here are seven that you should consider:


You may already be using tools like Social Growr to organically grow your Instagram following, but what plan do you have to keep this growing audience engaged? You need compelling videos that best tell your brand’s story. This Instagram app takes a number of pictures at a go and stitches them beautifully together, making them into a one-second video that loops forwards and backwards. It looks like an animated GIF though it is not.


By following Animoto’s three simple steps, you soon find yourself with a social media video that your followers will love. The three steps involve picking a style for the video, selecting video clips and pictures, adding music and text, and finally processing the video and sharing it on your social media channels.


WeVideo is the perfect social media video tool for creating live videos. What’s more, it allows you to capture as well as edit the video on the go on your mobile device. What’s more, the user interface is straightforward and it is feature abundant; it includes features like screencasting, photo animation, clip transformation, and voice over.


This tool is good for a marketer looking to create simple videos through cool animations. Most marketers who use it create explainer videos with it. It has excellent visuals, you can use it to create vertical videos and is always being updated with new features.


When adding a personal touch to the social videos you post is central to your marketing strategy, then Magisto is the tool to use. The tool has emotion sense technology that makes it possible to select automatically the parts of your video that would elicit the most powerful emotions.

Unlike anything else in the market, this technology allows Magisto to analyze the visuals, audio and the storytelling, identify the main character in the video, figure out the topic of the video and use this information to create an emotion-packed story perfect for consumption by your social media followers. The tool has a straightforward interface packed with editing tools, templates and captions. Indeed, this tool introduces social media marketers to smart social media video creation.

Animatron Wave

Whether you want a video to engage your audience on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, Wave by Animatron has the features necessary to do a commendable job. The tool gives you access to over 2.5 million photos and videos at no charge. It also allows you to resize your videos, combine several clips and add whatever music you want through a drag-and-drop interface. It makes the process of video creation fast, convenient and surprisingly pleasant even for individuals new to the creation of videos for social media use.


Imagine a day out with your GoPro. Shooting the video may have been fun, but the editing process can overwhelm even the most enthusiastic marketer. Now, GoPro has introduced Quik, a video editing tool that will streamline this process. The idea behind Quik is the need to edit many hours of video footage at an extremely fast pace. Quik is user-friendly and is perfect for all amateurs who want to make professional-looking videos. With a rich list of features, Quik will stir your creative juices and give you a chance to make film-like social video that your followers on social media will be more than glad to share with


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