Drive Growth with Automated Email Campaigns

How do you treat your email interactions with customers? Do you create one email and send it out, hoping for the best but not really tracking your interactions? Or are you an email master—reciting analytics and open rates and sell-through with ease?

In all likelihood, you’re probably somewhere in the middle on that email journey. You probably do a little sorting, a little personalization, but then you probably get overwhelmed and aren’t able to maximize what you do or what you know about email. If that’s the case, then you need to maximize your automation.

Email automation is simply putting what you know about your customers and what you know about your business together in order to create a sustained campaign that’s more personalized and more responsive to where people are on their customer journey. It’s giving them the tools to find what they need from you, and therefore feel better about the relationship. How do you do that? This graphic explains it.

Email Marketing Automation Tips that Will Drive Growth

Promotions Coordinator at Ghergich & Co.