Common Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them [Infographic]

With globalization, there is a lot of confusion between UK and USA versions of English language as a lot of words have different spellings in the two countries. For instance, the British use the spellings “behaviour” and the Americans use “behavior.” Often, people are not aware of the difference that lies between two different words which sound similar such as“effect” and “affect” or “bear” and “bare.”

With the invention of cell phones, people are increasingly getting used to shorter terms of words like thx for thanks, rgds for regards, bcoz for because, etc., wherein they tend to swallow a lot of alphabets. Although you are able to communicate quickly with your friends over text, this habit has made many of us forget the correct spellings of many words.These mistakes can make you look really unprofessional in an office environment or when you are trying to teach your child.

Take a look at this detailed infographic from Walker Stone that lists some of the most common writing errors that people make and tips on how to write correctly. It will also help in knowing several other issues that most people come across, like usage of punctuation marks, or sentences that can be used while signing off a letter, etc. Hopefully, it will help you identify your mistakes and correct yourself.

Common Writing Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them [Infographic]