SEO Trends that Will Prevail in 2018

Search engine optimization will always be an ever-evolving field in the digital marketing industry. Every year search engines update their way of operation, introducing some new methods to judge the value of content and to prevent content and link spamming. This constant iterative evolution of SEO gives birth to new ranking factors that will matter in the entire working calendar.

From voice search to accelerated mobile pages, there are many new trends that business owners and SEO professionals are anticipating in 2018. Take a look at the favorable trends that you must look out this year.

The Growth of Voice Search

In recent times, digital voice assistants have really taken over the online market. More and more online users take the help of Cortana, Siri, and Alexa for asking questions or making requests. The rise of digital assistants and voice search has made a drastic impact on search engine optimization. In 2018, SEO experts will need to make some changes in target keywords and strategize the keyword-based searches accordingly. Also, local business websites will pay specific attention to voice search related trends for gaining more organic traffic.

Mobile-first Index

In 2016, Google first announced that it will test the mobile-first indexing. As the mobile internet usage was comparatively more than its desktop counterpart. Google index both desktop and mobile websites while putting more weight on the mobile-friendliness of a site. According to major SEO organizations like Tayloright, mobile versions of websites are now really necessary in order to achieve the top rankings on search engine result pages. 2018 will see more focus on creating mobile-friendly websites for better user experience.

High-quality Link Building

With the arrival of new ranking factors in the recent years, there has been a slight shift in the strategic importance of link building. However, the shift has made Google place weight on the quality of the backlinks instead of their quantity. Earlier, a low domain authority along with a bunch of links was enough to drive a site through the top ranks of search results. However, now in 2018, every SEO expert must upgrade their link building strategy and make it a sort of online PR marketing rather than a simple technical task.

Quality Content

Just like backlinks, focusing on the top-notch quality of content will be more helpful than investing in the quantity. The content on a website should be well-written, considering the expectations of the consumers, rather than brand offerings. This year, the smart content marketing strategy should be to develop great content and frequently updating it. Search engine optimization and content marketing walk side by side; therefore, high-quality content will remain an important element in digital marketing.


With the beginning of 2018, it is time to consider the SEO strategies based on the trends that will prevail throughout the year. The aforementioned trending aspects of online marketing will shape the success of a website and influence both content and SEO campaign. Update your SEO strategy as soon as new updates are rolled out by Google to stay ahead of the competitors in 2018.

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