Web Design Trends 2017 [Infographic]

The wheel of web design industry keeps rolling, every year few trends fade away making room for some new trends and some trends just prosper further. So whether you’re a web designer or just want to design your new website you need to keep an eye on current web design trends.

In today’s online market websites have a huge role to play in your business and a good design can take you a long way forward in this path. So judging the new trends early enough will give you an edge over your competitors.

Take a look at this infographic from DesignTheWay.com to find out what web design trends we can expect in 2017.

  • Age Responsive Design – In 2017 new metadata is expected to allow age-specific adaptation so we will see website content adapt according to users age.
  • Micro mini interactions – Increase in use of micro mini interactions can be expected as apps and services are getting more user specific.
  • Custom illustrations – The use of stock photos will decrease and use of custom illustrations will increase as it gives websites a much higher recognition value.
  • Interactive storytelling – Interactive storytelling is basically telling a story in each slide as user scrolls down, this can be a good option to engage your users.
  • Mobile first approach – Mobile first approach is considered as one of design standards now.
  • Semi-flat design – Due to some usability issue in flat design, designers are switching to semi-flat design with use of subtle shadow and transitions.
  • Increase in parallax adoption – Parallax effect is applied to the speed and movement of the background image. With better and improved technology we can expect to see more parallax effect being use.
  • Full screen video background – Homepage full screen video can tell about your product or services very effectively with improving internet connectivity throughout the world we will see more use of full screen video background.

Web Design Trends 2017 [Infographic]

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