5 Easy Steps to Design an Amazing Infographic [Infographic]

Modern infographics have become the trend for the past few years. In today’s age of short attention span and heavy reliance on visual appeal, their creative design and unique method of data presentation changed things for companies and organizations.

It follows, then, that people who create infographics are in demand. Designers are given raw data, and they turn that data into appealing pieces of information that people would read.

Making an infographic used to be difficult. A designer would place the images one by one, using only a mouse and whatever tool that could help. It used to take days, nights, even weeks of research, color application, and layout to strike that balance between “visually appealing” and “highly informative.”

Nowadays, though, lots of software can produce an infographic in just a few clicks. Anyone and everyone can now create an infographic.

It doesn’t mean it will be a good one though.

This infographic from SlideGenius lets us know the five things to consider when making a great infographic.

5 Easy Steps to Design an Amazing Infographic-01


Rick Enrico is the CEO and Founder of SlideGenius, Inc., a global presentation design agency. He regularly publishes expert presentation tips on the SlideGenius blog. He currently oversees an experienced team of designers, software developers, and marketing professionals that specialize in creating custom corporate presentations and cloud publishing applications. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.