Blogging – Reasons Why Content Media Matters

Those who use the internet a lot, and even those who don’t but are keen, have come across this term many times? However, there is a possibility that most do not really understand exactly what it is. Let us start by defining a few terms before we discuss the importance of content media today.

A blog

Blogs started appearing on the internet as early as 1994 when the internet was still setting roots. It was just a personal diary shared online by different people. These sooner became a trend, and information sharing came into the picture.

A blog is merely a journal or an informational website that appears online. It displays information but in reverse chronological order where the latest posts appear first. In simple terms, it is an online platform on which a writer or writers share personal views on an individual subject.

Be careful not to confuse a blog with a website. Blogs are specific to the subject and demand frequent updates. They also promote reader engagement. These characteristics are relatively far from what is expected on websites. Sites consist of information presented on static pages; they are rarely updated.

Another difference is that blogs include publishing date, author reference, categories and tags within a byline, while websites don’t.


To run and control a blog, one needs to have skills. These skills are what define blogging. Through it, one can equip a web page with essential tools necessary for a website. These tools make the writing, posting, linking and sharing of content very easy on the internet.

Blogging and social media

There is every reason to link blogging with social media. In the recent past, blogging was mainly long-form, serious and well crafted. Social media, on the other hand, was the total opposite. It was short-form, personal and completely spontaneous. And to some commentators back then, social media appeared as though it would replace blogging since attentions on spans were reducing.

There is a change of game trend today.  Blogging and social media have become completely depended on each other; they complement each other today.

Blogs are being mainly used to enrich social media content with long-form posts. On the other hand, social media is mainly used to promote blogs. This can be noticed through the many blogs and blogging sites that are shared through the social media platforms. Bloggers use links on social network to entice people to follow them.

Why therefore is blogging important today?

In the 1990s when blogging was introduced, people used it to share emotions, feelings, thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Today, it has become more than that. It is now a platform used by millions across the globe including businesses and media houses to add value to the world.

Blogs can create traffic for your business

When writing blogs, the special skills as mentioned above can lead relevant readers to your website. They include relevant inbound links that help readers who want to follow you to click on them.

There is a unique feature that all blogs look for called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a methodology of techniques and tactics which websites use to increase the number of visitors. It helps the site obtain high ranking placement on the search results page or a search engine.

SEO is the best tool for online content to achieve better marketing with a significant focus on visibility from search engines. You can think of it as a way of making your website better for others. It increases your traffic to make you more visible. It makes your site appear like someone extremely tall in a huge crowd and wearing clear attire.

Companies use blogs to market their products and send customers to their websites. Therefore, you will find a lot of adverts on a blogging site with links to web pages.

Many companies rely on social media to market themselves, but it is not enough. Much more is needed, and blogging makes sure the SEO features create enough traffic for you.

A blog needs to be well managed, with regular updates and relevant topics. This way, the SEO for your business website will shoot to the roof. At this point, you expect the obvious, increased sales for your products.

With blogs, you can convert your traffic into leads

Now that you have created traffic, what remains is to turn them into leads. Each post your write put the power of lead generation into your hands.

How does this happen? Simple, what you must do is add a call-to-action lead generator at the end of every blog post. This call-to-action leads people to any content asset that someone would be willing to exchange with information.

The procedure for this is, simple. The visitor comes to your websites and sees a call to action free offer. They click on it and is directed to fill out to receive the gift which may include free e-books, fact sheets, etc.

In case you have never noticed, 99.9% of published blogs have call-to-action. Through these buttons, the traffic you generate turns into leads for sales.

You need authority for your business and blogs will give you that

The best blogs aim at answering the common questions your customers may have. This means, if you create content that is helpful to your customers, you establish authority. Prospects will follow you because you helped them in the past find answers to some issues. That way, they enter the sales process having received required knowledge.

Blogging can help you career wise and in life generally

It is not just the business world that experiences the benefits of blogging. To you as a person, blogging can refine your thought and reward you greatly with paid opportunities. It is not easy to sit down and create something that people will enjoy reading; you deserve credit.

Blogs can connect you to other people. As society and culture changes, tribes have simply become global connections of shared interests and passions. They connect you to the whole world that has become a global village.

Blogs have been found to be vital in accelerating discovery. The social web has allowed for low friction which bypasses the old gatekeepers in editing and publishing.


The consistent and persistent energy put in creating and publishing online content has immense benefits to the world today. It helps both individuals and businesses grow. There is, therefore, no dispute on why blogging is a vital part of the developing world.

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