Increase the CTR with Google Advanced Snippets [Infographic]

This infographic, shared by, told us about how to increase the CTR with Google Advanced Snippets.

First and foremost, we need to know what actually advanced snippets are?

Advanced snippets are a small text or picture that appears below the title, they help to understand what type of information you could find on this or another web resource. And users could find very simple and understandable answer.

Also, this infographic gives us some helpful data about purpose of these snippets:

  • From the outset provide an opportunity to identify what kind of clue contains the certain page or website
  • With them the search process becomes easier and faster
  • Attract more attention thanks to the visual content

Moreover, the users could find out when you could apply Google advanced snippets. For example for reviews, people, goods, recipes, events, companies, music and video.

The info about layout formats won’t be superfluous – the recommended one is microdata but microformats and RDFa are also possible to use.

Our infographic could provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to use advanced snippets (read below).

The readers are even able to recognize something new about the program, where you can create snippets – Given website is the result of collaboration of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! (learn more below, directly from the infographic).

So what will you get with Google advanced snippets?

  • Firstly, they significantly improve CTR
  • Secondly, provide better behavioral factors
  • Finally, give you more visits on the site

We can conclude, that extended snippets have a great influence on popularity of your web resource or page. They allow your web site to develop faster and better. Furthermore, they provide search convenience for network users. We advise you to think about the use of Google advanced snippets, but actually it is only your choice.

Thank you for read out, more useful information below in our infographic!

Increase the CTR with Google Advanced Snippets [Infographic]


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