A Roadmap to Great Content – From Idea to Viral Post [Infographic]

Creating content for your website may not be easy as it seems. Writer’s block certainly is an aspect of it, but a good content strategy plays a major role as well. Creating a content editorial or having a plan is a way to start, but if you really want to have all things covered then there’s a road you and your content have to take.

Here are a few pointers on how to leverage content to reach greater audiences and improve the overall quality of it all.

The Perfect Topic

Lack of inspiration is a serious issue when thinking about which topics to cover. We’ve all experienced creativity lows at some point. At times like these you’d want to get out of your head and tap into the outside sources of inspiration.

Your audience has a lot to say and if you wish to make a fresh piece that they’ll want to read, then have a look at the comments section of your blog. It will be filled with plenty of ideas and advice on where to head next. Discussing the possible topic with a friend who shares same interests as your audience can also be a time well spent.

Redefining Value

Good shouldn’t be good enough. Always be willing to try new things, never satisfy your spirit and keep on adding that extra value:

  • Create engaging visuals
  • Provide descriptions of your video
  • Bring in the excitement by sharing an intro for that infographic material
  • Make headlines that strike their chord
  • Add rhythm to your paragraphs, keep them dynamic and a pleasure to read
  • Always ask for opinions and keep the stream of ideas flowing

Make sure you give plenty of time to editing. Sharing the best possible message without pesky side-noise and errors is the best way to make your digital imprint memorable.


Your promotion channels of choice are going to be as important as the creation process. In fact, think of it as an extension of content creation. The easiest place to start is to give influencers and relevant publications a mention and add links to your content. Always share the news of your latest publish on your social media profile – this will kick off ‘the talk’. Taking your content on forums and other relevant places is definitely a way to go.

For all other pieces of info on the content roadmap check out this infographic by PointVisible.

A Roadmap to Great Content - From Idea to Viral Post [Infographic]


Martina is a co-founder of Point Visible digital agency. She is a digital marketing addict with years of experience, who also enjoys graphic design both at work and in her free time. And yes, she loves to travel. To travel a lot. :)

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