All You Need to Know about Starting Your E-commerce Store with Shopify

Looking forward to starting your online retail store but are looking for an e-commerce platform that is full of features, affordable and will increase your sales! A great E-commerce retail builder, Shopify is a famous website building tool. In the post, we are detailing its price, features with an introduction.

Well if you do, then you came to the right place as Shopify is one stop, all solutions for you.



These templates, decide how your shop looks to the customers. Provided at time of Signup, Shopify allows its user to customize their theme afterward as they like. You can change the entire theme layout either by yourself or hire a professional. Shopify offers responsive theme keeping the tendency of mobile and tablet users in mind. The designs it offers are authentic and creative. Clients can easily make them look distinct by only adding their logo to them. Check out Spotify`s theme gallery!


Probably the best Shopify has to offer! When it comes to advertisement, Shopify already took care of SEO (not the highest ranking as it will need a bit effort) and makes your website easy to find on different search engines (Google, Yahoo, and others). This way you can easily edit pages and metadata of your website. Apart from that, Shopify comes with marketing features such as coupon codes and cart recovery emails also to different apps. It also helps its user to build a newsletter. Predikkta Shopify Experts Melbourne has catered all requirements of startups and entrepreneurs.

Recover Emails

Perhaps a must-have feature for all online stores. A recent addition, Shopify sends these emails to the customer when he started to check out but suddenly stops. The email is dispatched as a reminder to the customer as he may have been distracted from the checkout process.

Production organization

Shopify allows its users to upload multiple pictures for products, variations (size, color and much more), product categories and stock trading. Unlike other retail shop platforms, Shopify supports bulk image upload as moving from one E-commerce platform to another is not easy.

Expert Help

If you feel the need of setting up your store, Shopify helps you to maintain your store by a directory of its professionals categorized as:

  • Accountant
  • Photographer
  • Marketing SEO
  • Designer
  • Developer

App Store

The best thing about this platform, Shopify offers an app store where you can buy add-ons for your store to improve functionality. Below are a few famous apps, have a look.


Satisfied with the features?  It`s time for you to know the price labels. There are three different packages offered by Shopify which are as follows.

  • Basic– Starts at £20, basic offers easy setup which includes 2% transaction fees and discount codes.
  • Professional-£53, the Professional comes with card abandonment emails along with 1% transaction fee and professional reports.
  • Unlimited– At £121, Unlimited Package features advanced reports and real carrier shipping that has no transaction fee.

Bottom Line: At first glance, Shopify is not ideal for startups, but it can be resourceful for midsized businesses.

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