DesignCap Review – The Experience of Making Posters Online for Free

Posters are the important medium to spread your thoughts and products. To make a poster is not a difficult thing but to make a good poster is not that easy. Thus, we need some tools to help us.

DesignCap poster maker is a web-based tool that enables everyone to design posters with a professional appearance in minutes. You may wonder how could it possibly be powerful like this?

Let’s check its highlights:

*Hundreds of well-designed poster templates;

*Thousands of resources;

*Fully customizable;

*Free to use.

All of the features are going to meet all your needs without difficulties.

What’s the feeling of making a poster with DesignCap?


If you know nothing about design, then start from choosing a preferred poster template. DesignCap offers you a variety of delicate templates to simplify your design process and inspire you. Besides, all of the templates are fully customizable so that you can adjust every element of the poster and add your ideas to personalize it.

As the powerful editing tools of DesignCap, you can customize your posters the way you want, such as adjusting size, position, rotation, changing text font, color, effect, alignment, applying specific background and managing layers. Only if you want, you can do it without any barriers.


Apart from the hundreds of stunning poster templates, DesignCap also provides thousands of resources for you to further enhance your posters. You can upload your photos from computer, search through thousands of stock images or add Facebook’s images. You can also choose from a large library of delicate elements for touch-ups including clipart images, shapes, background images, fonts and more. The only thing you need to do is select and click.

As the elements are important for a right poster, you may have to choose some necessary images of them, and the number should not be too many. In general, simple is looking better than complex.


All the features of DesignCap are well-developed so that you’ll never worry about the skills or knowledge of neither computer nor design. Even you are a newbie, you can create a beautiful poster with the help of DesignCap.

Final words

As the development of the economy, things will be easier than ever before. DesignCap is born to help people who need posters without a budget and professional skills. With DesignCap, you’ll find that it is just an easy thing to design an attract poster by yourself.

Let’s start your design journey with DesignCap poster maker right now!