Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rates [Infographic]

Do you know how to draw the target visitors to your website? Intriguing photos, fancy graphics and a unique attitude on blog posts are usually a good idea. But in reality, it may probably be more complicated than that. Converting visitors of your website to people actually doing something on the website is not totally about intuition. It has to do with data and learning about your audience and their desires.

Internet businesses refer to people who pay visits to your website and carry out an action as a conversion. The more individuals checking out your website and finishing particular action, the more efficient your conversion rate is. So, you have optimised that rate when you are able to get the highest amount of individuals possible to convert.

Methods for building a well-optimized site gather greater and greater attention, and dedicate ecommerce site builders like Shopify and BigCommerce include tips and suggestions how to achieve that in their respective online learning centers. But the platform doesn’t determine the level of and possibilities for optimization; it is the site owner and the web designer who play the pivotal roles.

But optimised conversion rates are not acquired by changing things randomly. You attain it by analysing, structuring, and testing. You get it by having a look at your weaknesses and strengths, and then determining who your clients are and what they truly desire.

There are a few ways to optimise your conversion rates, some of which are listed below.

  • Ensure your homepage remains simple as this would ensure the navigation of content can be done with ease by anyone.
  • Make sure your website does not contain too many share buttons. It is best to keep just the crucial ones like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sometimes having less is better and it has been found to bring about almost a 12% increase.
  • If you operate an ecommerce website, ensure payments through PayPal is allowed alongside debit and credit cards. This could make a massive difference as it has been observed that lots of individuals love paying via PayPal.
  • Utilise simple wording as this has led to over 100% enhancements in conversions in comparison to more sophisticated language.
  • Add real customer reviews as adding them resulted in almost 60% of sales increase.
  • Insert long tail keywords in title tags.
  • Ensure your logo is placed appropriately to the right as it has been known to aid in increasing conversion rates by over 50%.
  • Place emphasis on a series of actionable content as it encourages more individuals to share.

These ideas are just a few of the many you can test out. The infographic provided below will provide you with additional inspiration to aid you in increasing your website’s conversion rates.

Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rates [Infographic]

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