5 Tips to Driving Traffic to Your Website While on A Budget

As an entrepreneur, having a strong online presence is critical in this digital era. Almost every business has a website nowadays. A great business website is an excellent marketing tool. However, driving traffic to your website can seem like a daunting task particularly if you are running low on a budget. Luckily, there are several low-cost ways to drive traffic to your website.  Let’s look at 5 tips to driving traffic to your website while on a budget.

Social Advertising

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are good places to connect with your ideal audiences when you are on a budget. Social media sites provide a platform to connect with potential customers generate leads and even improve your reputation.  

When posting your advertisement on social media, don’t forget to put the link for easier access to your website. Also, ensure that you customize each post on every social media platform. Write a headline readers can’t ignore. Captivate the audience to want to learn more. Since most people access social media on their mobile devices, remember to make your website mobile friendly.

Write Guest Posts

Identify sites related to yours and seek out opportunities for content contribution. This will give you an opportunity to get more links to your website and get access to their audience as well. By building friendships within your industry, you not only share each other’s expertise, but you also reach out to a larger demographic for free.

Interview Industry Leaders

Another great way to drive traffic while on a budget is by interviewing industry leaders. We all want expert advice. Running regular interviews with influencers can help you build the trust and confidence of your audience.

Reach out to industry leaders and conduct short interviews. Post these interviews in a blog post. You can share on social media ensuring that you tag each expert. You can also request the experts to share the links on their social media pages as well. This will help you drive traffic to the post for free.

Participate In Forums

Look for forums within your industry that you can actively participate in and provide help to consumers. Responding to customer questions in forums demonstrates effective customer service. Include the links to your website as part of the solution. If people are impressed by your answers they might consider visiting your website.

Create New Content

Creating new content on your website will increase your visibility on Google. Google prefers evergreen content over old stale content. Therefore, ensure that you keep updating your website. When you write new content, you establish your authority over a specific issue. This will help you get new customers.

Ensure that you add links and keywords that are specific to your industry. Add useful content to make your pages rank better.


By using a combination of these marketing tips you will be able to increase traffic to your website and drive your strategy forward while you are on a budget.

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