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From Visual Contenting

Risks Worth Taking – SEO Edition

Decisions regarding SEO often include certain risks. However, those risks haven’t been made on the spur of the moment but after collecting a certain amount of background information and potential consequences, both beneficial and damaging, that has been carefully calculated. This leads us to the conclusion that there are some SEO risks worth taking, provided that we prepare ourselves for them.

eCommerce Design Trends 2018

With each passing year, ecommerce continues to assert its influence in the world of retail. Some projections see ecommerce accounting for more than 17% of all retail sales by 2022. And as more retailers are investing in digital storefronts for their businesses, it is becoming increasingly difficult for ecommerce sites to stand out amid so much competition.

In 2018, the ecommerce sites that are truly making names for themselves in the competitive landscape of internet retail are those that focus on improving the customer’s experience through great design. Since online shopping can lack a lot of the sensory aspects involved in brick-and-mortar retail, ecommerce sites need to pay special attention to the way that design makes an impression on the customer.

Why Major Media Companies Trust WordPress

WordPress makes publishing easy for everyone, from individual bloggers to the largest media companies on the web.

Read more about why major media companies trust WordPress as their publishing platform via following infographic.

4 Hidden Instagram Features You Probably Don’t Know About

Unless you were hiding under a rock for the last 8 years or so, you probably know a lot about Instagram. It’s a great app that grew into an amazing social network used by millions of people worldwide. Its popularity has been on a rise for years now and there are thousands of new profiles created daily.

With so many users and so much amazing content, sometimes you might feel your Instagram skills are lacking. This is not a big deal, as you probably know that there are lots of professional photographers, marketers, and social media experts on this network, but you can definitely do something about it. So, if you’re looking to bring your Instagram-A-game to the table, here are some tricks that might help.

7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

What are the trends that will shape the marketing industry in this year 2018? Read more about this topic via following infographic shared by BannerOwl.

From Around the Web

Why Customer Feedback Is Your Secret Weapon To Scale Your Product

There’s a lot going on when you are building a product.

You have to jostle for product positioning, clearly identify the product’s go-to strategy, and drive demand around that strategy to grab the attention of the customer. All these steps are necessary, and essentially that’s what ensures the overall success of the product.

What separates a successful product from the rest of the field is not just a clear product-driven strategy, but the attention that’s paid to customer feedback.

Most companies say that they listen to their customers, and it’s true to some extent. But the larger truth is that customer feedback is often ignored because companies do not know how to get it, let alone how to make product decisions based on it.

Make Money Moves: How B2B Brands Can Generate Better Leads

We all know the importance of B2B lead generation when it comes to helping a sales team reach their sales quota. It’s a simple scenario that many B2B marketers and sales professional have had heated discussions over:

No leads. No sales.

And if the leads aren’t great… The close rate will suffer.

But there’s good news:

It doesn’t have to be this way!

How to Use Influencers to Transform Your Facebook Ad ROI (5 Easy Steps)

Getting Facebook ad ROI isn’t always easy.

It takes trial and tribulation – and, frankly, most people lose money at first.

But what if you could all but guarantee a strong ROI from the start? Or, if you’re already running positive ROI ads, what if you could get even more money from them?

Well, you can. And I’m about to tell you how.

So if you’re an eCommerce store owner who’s trying to figure out how to decrease CPC and increase ad ROI, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I lay down a step-by-step process to teach you how to find influencers, how to choose the right one for your business, and how to reach out to them about FB ads.

Case Study: How Typeform Used Beacon Content to Drive 500k+ Views and 2k+ Backlinks

Write. Publish. Beg for shares and backlinks.

It’s become a well-worn playbook for marketers promoting their 500-word, SEO-optimized pieces

The hope?

That a few influencers will like, share, or link to your content.

In theory, it’s a great approach.

In practice? It can be incredibly demoralizing.

Unless your content is truly noteworthy, most influencers just ignore you.

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