Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business [Infographic]

As we all know already, promoting small businesses can be a significant challenge. Since there is often nothing to build on, marketing for small business has to be creative and take advantage of the strongest social media trends in order to be successful.

One thing marketers and advertisers have learnt over the years is that video is perhaps the most important part in promoting such businesses. For example, it is estimated that just by including video on a landing page, you can increase conversion rates by 80 percent.

While the numbers for video are all fantastic, one also has to take into account the many different variations that this media form has to take in order to be appealing and successful in specific circumstances.

Demonstration videos, for example, might get away with being longer than 3 minutes but customer testimonials should always be concise. After all, it is well known that users of today have a very low attention span when it comes to consuming content on the Internet.

In addition to all that, not all videos and marketing campaigns will have the same impact across all social networks. Each of them has a very different audience consuming different types of content, all of which are important points.

If you want to engage with users, quick Twitter videos might be perfect. But if you want to specifically target the hard-to-reach 16-25 age group, then you might want to turn to Snapchat instead. Of course, content on these two platforms will be wildly different too.

The importance of video in social marketing cannot be overstated. Filmora has compiled a unique infographic that showcases all of these points, and more, along with some very interesting facts and statistics.

Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business [Infographic]

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