5 Must-Have Tools for Everyone in the eCommerce Industry

For the last decade, I’ve been hearing people say, “I know that the internet is where I can make money, I just need to figure out how.” They’re right — over 1 billion people have made a purchase online and that number is continually growing. So, if you’re in the eCommerce business now, you’re definitely riding a wave that’s beyond promising (the trick is learning to ride it well).

The internet is an ocean.

Your online store is the wave you’re riding.

The tools you use to power your online store are your surfboard, wax, wetsuit, and everything else you need to hang ten.

Without the right software and add-ons, you’re sure to wipe out. These are the must-have eCommerce tools of 2017.

Shopify eCommerce Platform

Your website’s content management system (CMS) will contribute to the ease of use and your overall satisfaction. The CMS you use will also contribute to the success of your lead funnel. Without all of the right bells and whistles, website traffic won’t know what to do upon reaching your landing pages. So, choose a platform that simplifies your job of guiding them closer to your products. Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform online because it is updated with the latest online sales trends and constantly update their dashboard, design, and sales options for optimal lead conversion.

The dashboard is so easy to use that anyone can start selling online in less than an hour. It costs as little as $9 per month to use with a free, seven day trial. Choose from a huge collection of free and paid themes, customizable to fit your needs. Then, to strengthen your conversion optimization, leverage a variety of website add-ons including integrations with software you’re already using. Leverage a free credit card reader to integrate online and offline sales. If this isn’t the platform you already use, start the free trial and see how much easier your content management could be when you’ve got your best face forward.

Hubspot’s Sales and Marketing Software

Do you remember the Rolodex? It was the go-to, business card ferris wheel that everyone who was anyone in business kept on their desk because it’s not about what you know – it’s about who you know. Nobody has one of those anymore, but it’s still a beautiful metaphor for what is required to be successful in business: networking and rapport. With Hubspot, you have the ultimate, high-tech, fully-functional Rolodex on steroids.

Use this all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) platform to write buyer personas, design landing pages, generate powerful calls to action (CTAs), collect and connect with leads, monitor campaigns, write and send email workflows, post on social media, track website visitor behavior, and more. The longboard of sales & marketing platforms can get a little costly as your needs grow, but Hubspot starts out free and many of the features are priceless.

Google Analytics Website Monitoring

Without Google Analytics (GA) website monitoring, your website and CRM functionality is limited. With GA, you gain access to useful visitor demographics and information like page bounce rates and most popular pages. All of this data will help you improve your eCommerce campaigns.

Know which product pages your website visitors are landing on and moving away from so that you know which ones need improvement. Run A/B tests based on conclusions drawn from GA reports and test your way to aerial eCommerce success beyond your wildest dreams. You may need an analytics expert to make sense of all the data provided, but you will not thrive without them.

Canva Online Photo Design Tool

You don’t always have time to call the designer when you need a quick text overlay on a product or social media image. Canva makes the photo editing and design process super simple with multiple drag and drop options and branded customization. Upload your own fonts, store your brand colors, and add teammates to collaborate on projects.

Use canva to edit product images, create infographics and memes for promotion, and even design an ebook. There’s not much you can’t do inside this platform. Like the others, it’s free to try and inexpensive to keep using.

Referralcandy Customer Referral Program Software

Without word-of mouth advertising, no business succeeds. Leverage the leading customer referral program to reward people for telling their friends and followers about your store. Generate campaign reports and compare your data with others in your industry.

Customize referral campaigns based on your needs starting at $25 per month. Give your customers a referral link to share with their friends. Referralcandy does the tracking, reward distribution, and helps promote the program to the next customer. This is a mutually beneficial marketing option for you and your customers. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll have to see for yourself.


The above tools are going to get you started on the right path if you leverage them properly. Still, they won’t be the only tools you use. What are some of your favorite tools for eCommerce? Please share with readers in the comments below.

Ashley Kimler is the content dynamo at Heroic Search Tulsa. She’s been helping all sized companies with their online promotions and lead generation for over a decade. Follow @ashleykimler on Twitter to see what she and her team get into next.