The Ultimate Guide to Set up Your Own Video Subscription Website [Review]

With new advances in technology, the access to videos is more important than ever. People access streaming videos both for education and entertainment. It is important for businesses to have a viable platform through which they can transmit their videos to their customers. Having such a platform provides a unique chance for businesses to build a connection with their customers.

The Ultimate Guide to Set up Your Own Video Subscription Website

The Demand for Decent Video Streaming Services

Video streaming services are becoming a major part of people’s internet activity. Not only are they used for entertainment and education, but they are highly watched for instructional purposes as well. Watching an instructional video can allow you to learn to do an exercise routine or complete a task around your home.

There is a lot to recommend this method of learning. Watching a video can be much more explanatory than reading simple step-by-step instructions. For example, if you are trying to fix a device or something else around your home, seeing an actual video demonstration can help you figure out the proper way to do it. If you are trying to learn an exercise routine, you can perfect your technique by watching someone complete it through a video demonstration.

All of these factors have made video streaming more popular than ever before. You can video stream a variety of different things online. For customers looking to stream videos, there are many different options to choose from. For businesses looking to provide customers with access to their videos, it is important to choose a streaming service that matches your own unique needs. In this way, you will be able to provide your customers with top quality videos in an easily accessible format.

Introduction to Uscreen

If you are looking for a website to help you reach customers with your videos, Uscreen is a good platform to do so. At Uscreen, business can offer their videos to customers in an affordable format. It is great to be able to access videos in one convenient location. This provides an appealing way for both businesses and video customers to connect.


The platform offered by Uscreen is a great one for anyone looking to sell and distribute their videos. The platform enables you to setup a video subscription or membership website, train your employees using the platform with videos and tests and distribute videos globally using the video platform.  They have an excellent track record with their current customers. Most businesses that have started delivering their videos to customers by using Uscreen have seen an increase in business of 10 percent. This is a significant improvement in the amount of video viewing that is being done.

The Benefits

The reason for the increase in viewership that businesses experience with Uscreen is due to the accessibility of the website. This video side offers a straightforward way for customers to browse and choose videos. This can go a long way towards attracting new business.

Chapter Menu Setup

When video customers are looking for a video among a selection, they want to be able to easily make their decision from the choices available. This is one of the things that makes Uscreen so unique. It has a Chapter Menu Setup that is very user-friendly and easy to follow. This gives the website a clean look that customers will appreciate. It has an optimized layout that allows people to browse through the videos with ease, selecting the ones that most closely fit their needs.

There is no need to do a complicated search or to spend hours sifting through tons of videos. With Uscreen the videos are laid out and neatly arranged. The person looking for a video to watch can select from still shots of different videos. This will give them a good idea of what is in store from the video they choose. Since customers want to be well-informed of the purchases they are making, the layout at Uscreen is a good way to help them make the best decision.

The appeal that Uscreen has for customers in turn makes it a great resource for businesses. If customers are satisfied, your business will be boosted. In addition, the convenient layout of the website works well for both customers and business owners alike. It will be easy to keep your videos neat and organized once they are posted on Uscreen. Once you start using this service you may see a boost in your video sales like never before. It is good to have an organized format for video viewing. Once these sales increases occur, you will be able to keep everything clearly organized for your own business purposes.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

The applications of Uscreen extend beyond simple viewing in a web browser. Once again, this feature of the website is particularly important considering current technological advances. Although may people still rely heavily on their web browsers, there is an ever-increasing use of apps for mobile and tablet technology.

One of the biggest things anyone with a website wants to achieve is making sure that it translates well into an app or mobile format. If customers can only access a website by using the computer, they may be less likely to visit that website. In addition, preventing access on mobile devices will at least cut down on the amount of times each visitor visits the site.

Your Own NetFlix Website

Fortunately, Uscreen has put a lot of consideration into the app that they offer. Customers of Uscreen can establish their own video streaming app for either iOS or Andriod. It is similar to making a Netflix website using your own videos. Customers can then pay a subscription fee and stream the videos they choose from the selection available.

This makes the streaming process even more convenient for both the customer and the business. For one thing, customers can access the videos they want to stream from any location. Also, businesses can simply collect subscription fees and post their videos in one convenient point of access. This makes the customer’s experience with your video website even more cost-effective. Once they see how easy it is to access videos they will likely be a continued subscriber!

How Does It Work?

When you start using Uscreen, you will be signing up for a comprehensive service that facilitates your interactions with video customers. This website is a fully white label platform. Once you create your streaming account your website will be conveyed to customers using your own branding.

In addition, Uscreen has built-in LMS features such as testing and certifications, progress reports, courses and scheduling. These features can offer your customers some of the things that they want from a video service without having to set them up yourself. At Uscreen they are built-in and ready to use. This is just another advantage that can be gained by using this video streaming service. If you are looking to improve your video subscription rate, allow your videos to reach more customers and enhance their viewing experience, then Uscreen is a great service for you!

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