Tips for Perfect Alignment of SEO and B2B Content Marketing in 2017

It is a known fact to all search marketers that content plays a pivotal role in driving all SEO efforts. It is important to have quality content to achieve your SEO objectives such as driving conversions, improving traffic, or even acquiring links. Neil Patel has so aptly described the relationship between SEO and content marketing. He says that their relationship is similar to the one shared by jelly and peanut butter. You could enjoy having them just the way they are on their own or they could be enjoyed together as they truly complement each other well.

In an ideal situation, your SEO strategy and content would be aligning perfectly and you would be witnessing your content ranking overnight for all your target keywords. However, the fact remains that we are not in an ideal situation and so we must explore effective ways for aligning your SEO and B2B content marketing. Here are a few effective tips for generating a much smarter content.

Semantic Search

As per the definition put forward by Technopedia, it is understood that semantic search seems to be an effective data searching technique involving a search query that aims to identify keywords and also determine the contextual meaning and intent of the words used by a searcher. What is the implication of semantic search on content creation? This basically implies that when you are generating content, it is vital to present the data and information in such a manner that it would be really easy to find by the searcher and any search engine.

It is important to focus on the topic while writing and not merely the keyword. It is vital to look for phrases and words which are semantically connected specifically to any target keyword and do not forget to include those while creating your content. To learn more about SEO, visit here.

Natural Language

Content marketers have realized that they require adapting the content fast and for natural language. According to SEO experts, there could be three primary ways of generating content for withstanding the future.

  • Write full-sentence complete answers in articles.
  • Be very precise and perfect about your specific sentence structure and remember to include complete questions in the content you are writing.
  • Consider using specific and long phrases in the headers and titles.
  • Remember that people are looking for answers to certain questions quickly and it’s supposed to be your job to come up with a format allowing Google to deliver to them.

Stay in Tune with the Trends

This is a pretty obvious thing to do. If you are a content writer focusing on search marketing, you must keep abreast with latest trends. You must read up carefully the most recent Google algorithm update. You must stay alert.

Managing Internal Affairs

  • Organize team training programs where you would be interacting with your co-workers and discussing the latest trends in the field of search marketing. Discuss how each and every person and your team is getting affected by the latest developments in the industry. You could participate in open discussions or ask a team member to come up with a relevant presentation.
  • Attend webinars, workshops, conferences, events for connecting with your industry peers and stay updated about the latest news in search.
  • You could share informative and absorbing articles with your co-workers via emails if you think that these articles are really useful and everyone in your team must go through them. Do thorough research and consider writing up an interesting blog post on the latest trends in the world of content marketing that would most probably affect your content efforts in the times to come.

It is important to keep yourself upgraded and updated so that you are able to generate content that is according to the needs of the dramatically dynamic and evolving search landscape.

Keep a Tab over the Client’s Industry

You are working in a B2B search marketing agency and you are required to write both about your own industry, as well as, about your clients’ industries regularly. It becomes a tough job but you must follow the same logic as you did for your industry.

  • Take out time from your busy schedule to attend a tradeshow or a client’s industry conference where you could be connecting with your clients, their customers, and vendors etc. for getting an idea about what are the people in that industry looking for.
  • Consider subscribing to industry newsletters.
  • Keep a constant track about what all is happening in your clients’ industries.


It pays to remember that it would take time for the results of B2B and SEO content marketing endeavors to show up. There is no point predicting when the clients could see the results. But it is a good idea to highlight your successes and achievements at regular intervals. This would be demonstrating the progress that is gradually taking place towards the fulfillment of the goals. B2B and SEO content marketing are separate initiatives but they would be working best in tandem. The main focus should be leaning on SEO for supporting content marketing endeavors and vice versa. Certainly, you would not expect to see results overnight. You would be witnessing the coordination between them and they are best for complementing each other for driving ultimate success.

Andrew Thompson is an SEO analytics professional. He works for as an independent blogger and data analytics consultant.