Remote Business: How to Make It Successful and Productive

The remote workforce can take your business to soaring heights if properly implemented. If you want to reap maximum benefits at the most cost effective way by working on expertise and flexibility, then remote workforce is the key.

With remote employee setup, you can explore the whole world. It becomes easier to find and employ great talents across the oceans, along with making additional savings which would have otherwise been spent on the physical workplace.

Following are ways to build a successful remote workforce for your businesses.

Ensure Maximum Level of Transparency and See-Through Culture

How will you know whether employees you have hired from another country are doing their work or not? The entire structure of remote workforce is based on transparency and accountability. In order to build a complete see-through network, appropriate tools and approach are needed. Additionally, you should also specify clear project roles and responsibilities, so as to avoid dilemmas in work. In relation to working schedules, holidays and meetups, proper ground rules and policies should also be set up.

Emphasize on Communication and Integration

How to establish a communication between the remote work employees over web-based platforms without actually meeting in persons? Successful communications rely on easy and reliable face to face interactions rather than web chats or mailing systems. However, to make communications effective and productive, it is very important to rely on a non-verbal communication, like video conferencing by keeping everyone in the loop. Apart from regular video chats and Skype sessions, try to arrange at least one face to face interactive meetup to understand the basic project goal and the way in which work is to be done.

Manage a Productive Team of Collaborators

Working in a remote environment is not a cup of tea for everyone. There are few characteristics of a good remote worker that makes him productive and successful, and some of them are as follows:

  • Highly agile, expressive and tech savvy – As remote workers need to interact with a wide number of individuals from different countries, they need to be extremely agile, flexible and professional. In order to have a successful communicative power, you need to be entirely tech savvy along with being proficient in English and exude a collaborative attitude.
  • Dedicated and trustworthy – When you are a remote worker, irrespective of being a writer, designer or analyst, you have to be passionate and dedicated towards the kind of work you are into. Also, try to build a safe environment where people will feel safe to express their consent or rejection without any fear or inhibitions.

Rely on the Right Kind of Technology

Technology has made it possible to have a remote workforce but the question that pops up is how this technology and tools are used while keeping everyone in the same line. Technologies like Skype, HipChat, Slack, Confluence, Share Point and Skype help you achieve your desired goals of being a business owner. There are also some tools that can help you track the productivity of your remote workers online. Some are software that can be downloaded, while some are web-based. If you are looking for a great tool to track your employee time remotely, ClockSpot can be of help.

With these simple tricks and steps, you will be able to establish the most successful remote business workforce and if you need further help, you can get professionals and experienced entrepreneurs to help you out.

Community manager at Visual Contenting. Jacqueline loves to talk about social media trends, new technology and how they help businesses accelerate their marketing efforts.