On Visual Contenting marketplace, you’ll find a range of top-notch experts to help you with your digital marketing projects, from content marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization to email marketing, marketing automation and everything in between.

You can get started by browsing a pool of digital marketing services offering on our platform and choose the one that best fits your needs. Be rest assured that our experts are hand-picked by our team based on a number of criteria. Specifically, our selection process includes:

  • Verify experts/agencies’ profile via email, past work and experience.
  • Each agency/expert profile displays reviews and comments from other previous buyers giving you a glimpse of project success score, feedback and how it looks like working with this agency/expert.
  • Agencies/experts who maintain great reputation in terms of results and deadline can earn new levels of status that provide trust and additional benefits on the marketplace.

Posting Your Service

As agencies and experts in the digital marketing industry, you can list your service packages on Visual Contenting marketplace and attract buyers to your profile and service pages.

You can connect and communicate with other fellow marketers and entrepreneurs, help them with their marketing projects and/or contribute your expertise to our magazine.

As of now, Visual Contenting marketplace is an invite-only platform, please contact us at info@visualcontenting.com for more details.

Setting Your Price

There is no standard price for the services found on Visual Contenting marketplace. Each individual has the liberty to name their own price according to what they deem to be fair. In other words, the individual gets to choose the amount they’d like to charge for their services. As a result, you will see a variety of different prices depending on what country you search in. That’s because each individual has the freedom to set custom prices for their services. It is our hope that this system will help entrepreneurs get the best bang for their buck.

Visual Contenting Marketplace Payment System

Our marketplace’s payment system is designed to make transferring money between individuals as simple and secure as possible.

Here’s how it works:

Buyers who’re looking for digital marketing services pay Visual Contenting marketplace once the two parties have agreed upon the price and the service, the payer (the person receiving the services) releases the funds to the payee (the person providing the services). Using Visual Contenting marketplace’s escrow payment system is required to finalize a transaction between Visual Contenting’s members. This helps to ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms of Service.

Taking transactions off of Visual Contenting marketplace and/or paying outside our system is not recommended as it is not secure, and we cannot guarantee a safe and secure sale when reservations are not done through our online payment system. To help cover the costs of running these services, Visual Contenting marketplace automatically includes a 15% service fee in each transaction taken from the base price of said transaction.

Visual Contenting Marketplace Service Transaction Fee

Visual Contenting marketplace charges a 15% service fee for any monetary exchanges that go on between Visual Contenting users via our escrow payment system. This system is extremely safe and secure, moreover, it ensures a happy exchange between all parties. This fee ensures Visual Contenting marketplace’s continued success in bringing you the highest quality site with which to complete marketing projects all over the world. Service fees are calculated from the base price agreed upon between the two parties involved. Our 15% service fee will be extracted from the total cost of the aforementioned transaction.


There are three types of fees you may need to pay in addition to the base price agreed upon between the two parties:

  • Visual Contenting marketplace transaction fee
  • Payment gateway fee
  • Currency exchange fee

How Does Visual Contenting Marketplace Take out the 15% Transaction Fee?

If an individual provides a service package for 300 USD to another user in our network, Visual Contenting marketplace would keep 45.00 USD. That means that the provider of this service will get 255 USD for their service. The buyer would still pay 300 USD for the work; however, Visual Contenting marketplace would only keep 45.00 USD of the overall cost as a convenience service fee.

Declined or Unanswered Services

In the case that a “vendor” (the individual who posted the listing) declines the services solicited by the “shopper” (the individual soliciting the seller’s services), or fails to respond in a timely manner, the money will be reimbursed back to the “buyer”. Please refer to PayPal’s reimbursement policy for this type or reimbursement. Please be aware that reimbursements from PayPal will usually take between 5-7 business days.