4 Benefits of Choosing 2D Animations

The rise of 3D media animation has put a question mark on which of the two animation methods is superior. To a great extent, 3D animation managed to outperform 2D animation but it doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, there could be more benefits of choosing 2D animations as it is still one of the most used methods in the world of animation.

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Curious about the benefits of 2D animations?

Let’s dig deeper.

It Provides Improved Efficiency

The most significance associated with 2D animation is the level of efficiency of its production. The key is to produce attractive worlds, characters, and objects that could instantly connect with the audience.

Just like 3D animation, 2D animation also requires proper skills to pull of effectively. But it’s simpler to create because unlike 3D, it does not require a third dimension. The images are not lifelike and based on two dimensions. In short, it is quicker to design a project using a 2D animation method.

It’s Simpler

As mentioned above, since 2D animation does not have a third dimension, the designs are less complex. How beneficially you can use this in a project depends on the theme you are working on. For instance, projects like action films are better off with 3D animation for the extra detailing and life-like impact it creates.

On the other hand, if your project is more about conveying a message instead of getting into visual detail, a 2D animation service is definitely more preferable. In some cases, the project gets more audience if the design is clear. The famous game, Candy Crush – is also based on 2D animation and a comparatively simpler design but still manages to appeal its audience.

It Helps You Save Costs

Both the above-mentioned factors – simplicity and efficiency – make2D animation service comparatively much more cost-effective than 3D animation. The fact that the service is quicker and less complicated can be translated into a smaller price tag and fewer resources.

This is a great benefit for smaller companies that are initiating with a tight budget. A 2D animation service provider should be able to offer a creative project within the budget you are comfortable with. Only professionals can meet your creative needs without overlooking your financial restrictions.

It Provides Creative Freedom

There are tons of creative possibilities when it comes to animation. However, with 3D animation, an image should always appear realistic and lifelike – regardless of the theme, scene, objects, or project type. This is where the exaggerated and fanciful does not always help with all sorts of projects.

Styles such as anime can be quite challenging to create as effective as they are with 3D animation. On the other hand, 2D animation has more artistic and creative freedom. The animator is free to create 2D cartoons, people, and anything else that does not really exist in real life.

This is the main reason why many people believe that using 2D animation requires a higher level of talent and skill for the animator. The knowledge and creativity should be put to use to develop characters and a story that instantly connects with people.

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