Movavi Screen Recorder

There are millions of videos on the internet, ranging from; YouTube videos, Facebook clips, video tutorials, online training, live TV shows and so on. But what if you want to save it on your local device for later or? Most video hosting websites don’t allow download option.  The story change when you have Movavi Screen Recorder installed on your device; you can easily record online video and save it to your hard drive in suitable formats and for any device.

Movavi Screen Recorder is the best screen capture software based on the following features:

  • Easy capture: capturing video with Movavi Screen Recorder only requires you to draw a box over the video to be captured.
  • High-quality videos: captured videos are in HD and can be formatted for any device resolution.
  • Lightning-fast processing: capturing and saving videos (no the matter the length of the video) couldn’t be faster using Movavi Screen Recorder.
  • Partial Capturing: another unique feature is that you can capture streaming video without necessarily capturing the whole web page.
  • Scheduled Capturing: Movavi Screen Recorder also comes with the feature to schedule when to start and stop capturing, using the capture timer, you can leave your computer and this amazing software will capture for you.
  • You can also use Movavi Screen Recorder to record, capture from desktop, webcam and video message apps like Skype.

You can explore the full ability of Movavi Screen Recorder in four easy steps:

  • Install Movavi Screen Recorder

Visit Movavi website to download the setup to your device, after successful download, install the setup and proceed to step 2.

  • Set the capture preferences

Open your web browser and navigate to the webpage that contains the streaming video you want to capture. Draw a box over the area of the video, adjust the box to fit the exact width and height of the video frame. Alternatively, you can just select your monitor size in the full-screen section if you prefer full-screen capture. Ensure that the audio icon is green so that the streaming video will be captured with audio.

Still not impressed yet? You can also set the timer and duration for the capturing process, to do this, click the alarm clock icon and set the parameters.

  • Start capturing

Click the REC button to start capturing the video; the capturing will begin after 3 seconds leaving enough time to click play on the streaming video. Once the video has been captured, click stop and the video will be saved to your hard drive in MKV format. A preview window will pop up; this window will let you modify your captured video and also allow you to choose more video format for exporting to other devices.

  • Convert your captured video (optional)

You can convert your recording to another video format right after screen capturing. To do this, click Save As in the preview window and select one of the most popular settings from the quick access panel, or open the More presets list, and choose one of the listed video/audio formats (AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.) or devices (iPod, Android, Nokia, Sony PSP, etc.). Then click Save; the program will begin saving your clip in the chosen format.

Now you know how to capture video from websites in the most efficient way and keep it on your hard drive. Capturing a streaming video couldn’t be easier.

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