3 Ways to Move a Customer through Your Pipeline [Infographic]

Every customer is different. Some make decisions immediately; others like more information (and more meetings). How quickly you move them through the sales journey is certainly important, but it’s not the only consideration. What’s also important is how solid the relationship is, once a customer moves from “prospect” to “sold.” And to do that, you can improve their journey through your sales pipeline.

One enhancement to consider is content marketing. If all your customers feel like is that you’re a sales machine, they’re not going to feel very good about the relationship as a whole. What you need to communicate are things that help them build a knowledge base and prove that you’re more than just the service or product that you’re selling. You can do this with a range of material, from infographics to whitepapers and videos.

Want to do more to improve that pipeline—and cement your customer relationships? This infographic from Salesforce can help.

3 Ways to Move a Customer Through Your Pipeline [Infographic]

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