The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide [Infographic]

Email marketing is an important part of modern online strategies. Marketers are actively using this channel to support engagement, strengthen relationship with customers and improve performance.

However, some experts are sure that soon e-mail will become obsolete and users will completely switch to messengers and social networks. Is it true?

This Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide can help you to see the real numbers of email marketing and define for yoursef if your business needs this strategy.

Some of the Email Marketing statistics:

  • A large majority of people (72%) prefer receiving promotional content through email, other than through social media.
  • When a customer receives a commercial email, he is much more likely to make the purchase online than by visiting a retail store.
  • In general, personalized email messages saw an average increase of 14% in CTR and 10% in conversions, making it a key point to consider in email marketing statistics and customer outreach.
  • The Return On Investment is quite high overall for email marketing campaigns, coming in at 3800%, or $38 generated from a $1 investment.

Email marketing remains a very effective strategy. To get the most out of this promising direction, marketers should pay more attention to personalization, automation and optimization of their campaigns.

The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide [Infographic]

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