9 Steps to Successfully Build Buyer Personas for Your Business [#mapodcast]

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9 Steps to Successfully Build Buyer Personas for Your Business

Here are the main ideas

So, what is buyer persona?

Well, it’s actually an individual and identifiable group of people who buy your product. It’s research-based archetypal presentations based on real data.

Buyer persona can help marketing, sales, product and services internalize the ideal customers you are trying to attract and relate to.

How Buyer Persona Affect Your Business?

Nowadays, using Google Analytics, businesses can accurately determine individual user behavior on their websites.

A recent study by the Edeleman Group says brands are failing to understand some of the fundamental motivations and concerns their customers have.

51% of the 11,000 people that took part in the study feel brands are under-performing when it comes to asking about their needs. Only 10% think their brands are doing well. Many people are switching to a different provider after one negative experience and say they could never re-establish trust after a significant negative experience. While others are just plain fed up with how businesses are interacting with them.

There are many benefits of building a buyer persona. You will have the ability to market what the buyer wants using product testing, pricing, quality and consumer feedback, asking the right questions to the right people. You will be able to understand your customers better, which will help tailor your content, messaging, product development and services to specific needs, behaviors and concerns of different groups.

Below is a list of 9 steps to successfully build buyer persona for your business:

  • Look over contact database to learn how customers find your content.
  • Use form fields on your website that capture important information.
  • Interview customers and prospects. Find out what they like.
  • Use incentives for people to participate in an interview.
  • Ask about shopping preferences.
  • Help your sales team prepare for conversations.
  • Build trust and engagement with your audience.
  • Web and exit surveys are great. Use open ended questions to understand your customers’ motivations and needs. Qualaroo pop ups is a 3rd party application that asks a single question on your site at a designated time. Experiment with your questions and find the right placement for your business.
  • Phone and in-person interviews are great. Talk to existing customers to get valuable information of buying habits, needs and wants.

Remember that not everyone is a buyer.

Use your buyer persona in your marketing.

Know your value proposition, it’s the only reason people read your information and buy your product and it can help you inform everything from effective copy or product development.

Know the important things and decide if they should be gender, age or professionally specific.

What is the purpose the customer has?

What motivates their buying decision?

Rely on your research to make decisions to test act on the data and then test again.

Your persona should reflect REAL people with real motivations, desires and concerns.

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