Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup (April 03 – April 10 2017)

This is our weekly digital marketing roundup post about what happened on Visual Contenting and its members in the last week.


Infographics are always the main source of inspiration for contributing writers at Visual Contenting family. Following are some of the coolest ones:

Why Brand Advocacy Is the Bedrock of Your Business [Infographic]

Tips for Perfect Alignment of SEO and B2B Content Marketing in 2017

Avoiding 3 Common PowerPoint Misuses

How to Optimize Conversions for the 3 Major Website Types [Infographic]

Online Testing Essentials [Infographic]

How to Convert More for Less [Infographic]

Increase Your Conversion Rates [Infographic]

Boosting eCommerce – Secrets to Selling More [Infographic]

What’s on Visual Contenting’s Social Networks?

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