Five Things to Know Before Starting a B2B Marketing Campaign

Specialists claim that if you don’t have a well-defined strategy for your company, then you don’t have a future for that company. A general direction for your enterprise is the first step, but you must make sure that each step that you take in order to help your company grow is well-planned. Below we have some useful things you must follow in your b2b marketing campaign.

Define Your Target Audience

Approximately 67% of B2B customers make their purchase decisions based on the information found online, and this is an impressive number compared to the last year’s ratios. In this particular case, the best approach a B2B-oriented enterprise is to create a content strategy that is not targeted at a broad audience. An effective approach is to identify a single powerful customer that your company has and outline the specifics of that particular enterprise: for example, demographics that are highly representative for your market segment. Then try to outline a profile for that company, starting with the following questions:

  • Which are your customer’s problems?
  • What problems can your products or services solve?
  • What solutions offered by your company have your customers tried and what solutions are they planning to try in the future?
  • How are they using your company’s products and/ or services?

Answering these questions will make the process of defining your target audience much easier and more efficient.

Present Your Products/Services as Reliable Solutions

No matter how great your products or services are, if your B2B customers feel that you’re only selling your products, they will skip your company in the end. In the short-term, this may be a great solution, but in the long run, it would be better to present yourself as a friend that is offering the solutions needed, when needed. Present your products and services as a tool to make your client’s life easier, and a solution that has the potential to make them more profitable. If you’re clueless about how you can make this swing, discuss these details with a b2b marketing consultant and they will certainly have some knowledge to share.

Don’t Fear Well-worn Paths

Knowing for sure your buyer’s behaviour and using that information to push more customers down the buying pipeline may be the best strategy for many enterprises. A well-calculated and predictable path may be the answer your company is searching for when it comes to marketing approaches, so don’t fear what feels like “tradition” to you.

Always Set Specific Goals

Vague goals never helped a company to create a well-defined marketing strategy and never will. Vague goals will only lead to vague measures, which will make it difficult to assess what leads to a potential sales growth. Instead, try to outline specific goals such as an increase of visits on your landing page, an increase of new site visitors, and so on. This will help you identify the areas in which your marketing strategy is doing great and areas that have to be improved.  

Learn to Repurpose Old Content

Constantly writing large volumes of new content might make you a bit nervous, but as marketing specialists claim, by simply giving old content a fresh feel you can create an effective marketing campaign. For instance, a lengthy blog post can be easily segmented into several shorter ones, which will appear fresh and new to viewers and potential clients.

Community manager at Visual Contenting. Jacqueline loves to talk about social media trends, new technology and how they help businesses accelerate their marketing efforts.