Incredible Salesforce Tips and Tricks for Beginners

When it comes to contact and database management, Salesforce leads the pack of customer relationship management systems. It is an incredible tool for building rigor in marketing, sales, finance and general operations in various departments. However, being a world leader in such an aspect sometimes come with a sense of complexity.

Except for Salesforce DX, which is an essential platform for developers, most people who use salesforce are sales representatives. In a field where time is of great essence, there is always so much to gain by hacking through some tips and tricks to save time. Learning a couple of tips will sail you through.

Take Advantage of Reports for Contact and Lead Views

There is no better way of centralizing all the views in Salesforce than taking advantage of reports. Doing so gives you an opportunity to fully use the data points available in Contacts, Accounts and Lead objects.

When handling Lead reports, think of creating a generic view for all the leads, putting all the data you might want to access easily in one view. After that, you can easily add extra filters necessary in specifying each view. The same applies to Contacts. Notably, Contacts are different from Leads as far as Salesforce is concerned. Although they perform almost similar roles, it is advisable to build separate reports for Contacts in Salesforce.

Utilise Campaigns

Salesforce campaigns are essential for general customer acquisition analytics. For instance, many sales reps quickly mail the potential clients they meet at events, telling them more about their products and services. Thereafter, it is not so easy to tell the worth of such an event in terms of dollars. The ‘tagging’ feature enables closer monitoring of leads, which is pretty cool. Ideally, one can take advantage of Salesforce campaigns in multiple ways:

  • Tracking of conversions
  • Tracking of responses
  • Tracking of meeting points
  • Measuring ROI of various events

Add Chrome Extensions

To have an easier time working with Salesforce interface, it is advisable that users take advantage of various tools to improve their workflows. For instance, one can use chrome extensions, which come handy in adding prospects from LinkedIn to Salesforce. You will not have to worry about manual inputting of information and unnecessary toggling of tabs. Some of the Chrome extensions you might want to check out include Email Hunter, Vimium, and Salesforce Navigator.

Embrace Automatic Features

The main aim of using a CRM system is to save time and enhance efficiency. Taking advantage of automation tools that come with Salesforce makes the realization of this objective easier. For instance, you can easily take advantage of the automatic email feature to send report results to sales representatives without even thinking of micromanaging such tasks on your own.

Essentially, Salesforce presents an opportunity to exploit various functionalities while making work easier for different users. For sales reps, nothing is more reassuring than saving time while achieving the desired outcomes. By taking advantage of various tricks and tips of using Salesforce, you can realize that the easier way. You do not have to sweat the small stuff when there is an easier way around it!


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