Weekly Content, Social and SEO Roundup (October 16 – October 23 2017)

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From Visual Contenting

How to Create Engaging Content – 6 Steps to Follow 

If your content is not engaging enough, it fails to convert your readers into either leads or sales. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines will show you how to create engaging content in 6 step process.

SMS for Business – Trends and Statistics 

Short messaging service (SMS) has been around for many years and gradually become one of the most used means of communications. Sending texts also is a great tool for brands to reach new customers and retain existing ones. Read more about SMS for business via this infographic.

72 Must-Have Features for eCommerce Website

How you design your eCommerce website plays such an important role in keeping your visitors engaged and then converting them into loyal customers. Read more about 72 must have features you should include in your eCommerce website.

Instagram Marketing Tips from the Best Brands

Instagram marketing presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. Learn best Instagram marketing tips from the best brands via this infographic.

How to Network and Build Your Business to the Right Target Audience

When it comes to building a network for your business, there is a need to know which target audience you want to lure into your business. From there, you can start the process of building your brand.

17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters 

Ever wonder how to improve the conversion rate on your online store?

Read this infographic to learn more about 17 ecommerce conversion boosters that you can implement for your business.

From Smart Entrepreneur

15 Winning Growth Hacking Techniques & Strategies

Growth hacking is more than a buzzword, it’s a strategic, creative and technical approach to business with a single goal: grow as fast as possible. Here’s 15 best growth hacking techniques and strategies you can implement for your business right now.

How To Launch A Small Business In 30 Days 

You’ve got a great idea about a product or service and would like to turn it into a business as soon as possible. Here’s what needs to happen to make your dream come true in just 30 days.

38 eCommerce Stats for 2017

Did you know that the more information we’ve got the better decision we make? This infographic will tell us about 38 eCommerce stats for 2017, which are very useful for those who is running an eCommerce business.

All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options 

With more than 1 billion daily active users, Facebook offers ad targeting options you won’t find anywhere else. You’re going to see them all in this piece of content.

7 Best Recruiting Tools Of 2017

Hiring time everyone! This piece of content show you 7 best recruiting tools you can use to accelerate your hiring process.

From Around the Web

The Art of the Welcome Email Series: How to Delight New Subscribers

A quality 10 point framework on how to write the perfect welcome email.

3 Facts About Mobile App Revenue You Need to Know

When 90% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned, you need data-backed strategies that help you monetize. Leanplum’s newest report analyzes 56 million mobile activities to reveal the winning conversion strategies. Leanplum found that push notifications drive 9.6x more users to purchase and increase in-app spend by 16%. To get more info, such as the best time to ask users to purchase, get the report.

Hospitality Instagram Research: 59.5% Of Food Followers Are Ready to Pay

A research on why people follow food businesses on Instagram.

Only Way Online reached out to Londoners who follow restaurants and cafes on Instagram and asked them what their main reason for following these venues was. It turned out that 59.5% of followers intend on visiting and spending money at the venue (or have already).

As you can imagine, restaurants or cafes who want to use social media to grow their online presence can now see where they should be focusing their budgets on – Instagram.

Reaching Your Audience in the Age of Mobile Marketing

In the mobile age, major shifts in media consumption habits have brought about the need for mobile-optimized media. The article will show how to address this trend.

How To Boost Your Engagement And Organic Reach On Facebook

If you’re advertising on Facebook, you can achieve amazing results. But if you don’t want to advertise, everything has got a lot trickier. This post will cover exactly how to boost your engagement and organic reach without paying for ads.

Events You Don’t Want to Miss

B2B Marketing Exchange Conference

A must-attend for performance marketers managing the complex sales cycles and group buying realities common in B2B industries.

Social Media Marketing World 2018

One of the largest social media events that you’ll ever, ever attend.

If you are a social media marketer, blogger, vlogger or a podcaster, you will want to be in this event once in your lifetime. It’s great, powerful and a lot of fun.

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