UX Tips for Improving Website Conversions

Every business today highly depends on having a well-designed website. The website purpose is to attract visitors, promote a business and have the highest conversion rate possible. High conversion rate is directly tied to user experience (UX) and the overall impression your visitors have about your website.

What exactly is UX? It’s the sum of all processes on your website, such as usability, functionality, speed, user-friendliness and so on, that boosts the visitor’s satisfaction and loyalty. The more satisfied your visitors are with your website, the more likely they are to convert to customers. That’s why having the best UX possible on your website will increase your conversion rate. Here are a few UX tips for improving website conversions.

Improve Your Website’s Speed

The longer it takes for your webpage to load, the more dissatisfied your visitors become. Even a one-second delay in page loading time can result in 7% decrease in your conversion rate and 16% decrease in user satisfaction.

In addition, if your website is mobile-friendly, then you should know that 64% of mobile users expect your website to load in less than four seconds, while 40% of mobile users will abandon the page if it takes more than three seconds to load. So when talking about how website’s speed affects your conversions, it’s safe to say that every second counts.

It’s all about the Homepage

A homepage is the heart of your website. Most people will land on your homepage first and a lot of business owners like to make their home page their landing page as well. That’s why it has to be designed well; the visitors should want to explore further instead of turning away. Make sure your home page is nice and simple, because too much information or visuals will only create clutter and confuse your visitors.

Also, every other webpage on your website has to be linked to your homepage so that visitors can easily navigate around. Your most important messages must be on the homepage and you’ll need a complementary design that will pique the interest of your visitors.

If you need design ideas, Quikclicks tackled this topic in one of their articles, suggesting that following the latest design trends will increase your conversions tenfold. As a matter of fact, visitors only need 50 milliseconds to form a first impression about your home page and 94% of visitors form first impressions based on your homepage’s visual design.

Optimize for Mobile Friendliness

Most of the people nowadays browse the web using their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You can’t expect from your visitors to come to your website using desktops only. That’s why your website needs to be optimized to support mobile devices and have a great responsive design. That way, your website will adapt to the device your visitors use and the browser they’re using as well.

This is vital for your conversion rate, because 79% of mobile users, who encounter unresponsive websites, as well as websites that are too slow or those that crash often, will never make purchases from that website ever again. Having a mobile-friendly website is great for your conversions, but mobile users do in fact have certain expectations you’ll have to meet first. That’s why your website needs to be optimized properly, so that you can give your visitors the best experience possible.

Give People a Reason to Buy from You

Your website’s performance and its visual representation play a vital role in increasing your conversion rate. However, sometimes you have to be a bit more convincing to get visitors to convert. For instance a good way to show credibility is to include customer testimonials on your website. In fact, 63% of visitors are more likely to trust a website and make a purchase there if it contains testimonials from other customers and user reviews.

Another great way to convince people is to include images and videos, because they not only boost your visual identity but they are also a great way to describe your products. For instance, product videos are especially helpful, as 90% of consumers find them useful when making their purchase decisions and 64% consumers are more eager to buy a product after watching a video about it.  

By improving the overall user experience, you’re able to vastly improve your conversion rate. After all, your visitors expect to enjoy their time browsing your website and you should make sure that they get what they came for.