A Beginner’s Guide for Content Curation Tools

The internet marketplace is fraught with myriad opportunities and challenges. As an online marketer, you have to appreciate the convenience your website and social media platforms offer you in reaching a broader market. With the internet, marketing has become more affordable. However, it comes with a litany of challenges, the main one being stiff competition in a globalized marketplace.

To survive as an online business, you have to keep reinventing yourself through new marketing strategies. While content marketing has always been a feature of the internet platform, it has been evolving rapidly and you need to keep up with such changes. Content curation is now at the core of content marketing and it is important to get more insight on how this is going to change your marketing strategy. With the advent of content curation tools, you have to rethink your entire strategy in order to reap from this approach.

Content Curation in Brief

Many marketers take content marketing for granted; after all, it is obvious that your marketing strategy will feature some form of content. To appreciate why curation tools are fueling so much debate in the marketing circles, you have to appreciate how content impacts on your business. A recent survey shows that 61% of consumers are influenced by custom content. It is no wonder then that 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, according to Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

As a marketer, you have to share relevant content, whether from your own team or from relevant sources. While content creation is a crucial part of your SEO strategy, sharing topical information from diverse sources is also important. To find such information, content curation comes in handy.

In the simplest terms, content curation involves consistently finding, organizing, annotating and sharing high-quality digital content in a target market. The importance of content curation in the online market cannot be gainsaid. Among other things, it achieves the following:

  • Building customer trust by providing consistent important information.
  • Increasing traffic to your online platforms as users look for quality information in your niche.
  • Building brand authority.

It is important to appreciate that content curation is not just sharing of every piece of information you come across. It is smart sharing of information in an audience-centric way.

Leveraging Content Curation Tools

To do this on the web, you would require a lot of time and resources and this is where content curation tools come in handy. These are smart tools which make the process of content curation more intelligent, faster and more effective. It is now easier to manage the content you want to share on your website and applications.

There are so many curation tools and they are always evolving to give way to new ones. Among the most notable are Serious (from serious.io), Ink (inkl.com), Smart News (smartnews.com/en), Capsule FM (capsule.fm), and SNARC (snarcapp.com) among others. These tools will make things easier for your marketing efforts because you are assured that no important information will pass you or your target audience. With time, you will become the go-to source of information, making this an ultimate lead generation strategy.


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