The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers [Gifographic]

Marketers are coming up with different type of online marketing strategies and influencer marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective. However, it can be out of the reach of smaller companies since big influencers charge a pretty hefty rate. But that has not stopped these companies from taking advantage of influencer marketing techniques.

This is where the role of micro influencers assumes prominence. Micro influencers are influencers with a smaller number of followers. Following are some of the most important aspects of micro influencer marketing.

#1. Cost Effective

Smaller companies can afford micro influencers because they charge much less per post than bigger influencers. Their rates for Instagram posts vary between $75- $250, whereas a big influencer may charge something between $500- $1000 for a similar post.

#2. Better Rate of Engagement

Although micro influencers have a smaller number of followers, they are more engaged to them. The smaller number allows them to build a stronger relationship with each of their followers. Hence they have greater influence on these followers.

#3. Trustworthy

The relationship between a micro influencer and their followers is built upon trust. The micro influencers are experts in a particular niche and their followers attach a lot of value to their reviews and opinions. Hence, micro influencers allow a company to reach out to a very relevant group of audience.

#4. Better Communicators

It has also been found that a large number of consumers feel that micro influencers are much better communicators and more informative than the bigger influencers. Since they are experts in particular niches, they can explain about those things better.

#5. Higher Conversion Rates

According to a finding businesses can actually increase their sales up to 300% with the help of micro influencers. As a result of a higher engagement rate, micro influencers are able to exert more influence on their followers and convert them into consumers for the business in question.

#6. Higher Values

Micro influencers believe in sticking to their values and be honest with their followers. Hence, a company must choose micro influencers who align with their principles and values.

With the help of micro influencers a number of small businesses are being able to generate a lot of leads and reach out to relevant audiences continuously. A business may hire more than one micro influencers to do honest reviews for your products and services and help you connect with their audiences.


Image courtesy: Shane Barker
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