Micro-Influencers and How to Successfully Work with Them

Micro-Influencers are one of the most efficient ways to increase the market value of your brand, and luckily the US boats a large number of them that you can try to contact to incorporate them into your brand. Most of them are even famous for these sort of works, and this strategy is regarded as a very attractive opportunity for them as well. There are even websites that are dedicated databases for these sort of marketing opportunities.

Get Personally Involved with Them

In this modern age, communication with your influencer is very important. While you can do all the work with them from behind a computer monitor, it will go a long way if you actually talk to them on the phone, or even face to face. You must remember that they are first and foremost people, not just advertising bots. Talking to them will increase the level of confidence they have in you, and will help them understand the direction you want to take your brand and how you yourself are.

Try to Know Them Better

This ties into the first step, and it should be considered as a lengthy process in of itself. You will want to know their story, their background, and their aspirations. Besides building up a friendly work relationship with them, it will also help you gather the necessary data to help build up your marketing strategy. You will want both the expertise they provide, and also what you can learn from them and adapt to make the marketing strategy work more efficiently, like explained on HYPR influencer marketing platform.

Use Social Media As Much As Possible

Influencers will most likely have a lot of social media profiles and you will want to have a nice online relationship with them too. They have their own followers and communities built around these social media services and they will make use of them once you’ve established your work strategy. Decide with them what is their preferred platform and try to interact with them as much as possible on it. This will help associate your brand with them and will prove to them that you are interested in a collaboration.

Get Them Involved in Your Strategies and Decisions

An important benefit in having a micro-influencer on your side is all the knowledge they bring to the table in areas like branding and marketing. They themselves have, more or less, built a following using various techniques and strategies so they have some knowledge in it. Value their opinion and ask them what they think you can do to improve your own brand. Even if they think you are doing OK and do not need any extra help, they will value the fact that you are asking for their input.

These are relatively simple concepts but they are often overlooked. Never forget that the micro-influencer is a person and it benefits in keeping a friendly relationship with them.

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