10 Powerful Tips for eCommerce Homepage Optimization [Infographic]

If you want to take your online store to the next level, the homepage is a stunning place to exhibit your competitive advantage, or to communicate your brand’s message loud and clear as online retailers have conventionally utilized the homepage as a medium to communicate everything about the company and its products.

First impressions are very crucial to a brand survival in cut-throat competition. In eCommerce business; visually alluring, simply understandable and lucid organizational structure are the prime movers of homepage success and do remember, it’s not about what you personally think is better, it’s about what the data tells you is better.

Visitors need to understand instantaneously what differentiates your brand from competitors in the marketplace. Why should the consumer prefer to buy from you: Are your prices fair? Do you ship faster than else? Are your products, maintaining high quality standards?

Apart from these, there are certain questions that need to be defined with utmost clarity to create trust amongst customers when they land on your eCommerce homepage.

A well-designed eCommerce homepage is important for a customer to feel contented purchasing from your store. If a customer has never heard of your company before, don’t be frightened to showcase the links to your testimonial and reviews on the homepage. Building integrity with your prospective customers within the first few minutes will lead you to higher sales.

Of all of the elements involved, one should include a ‘Recommendation’ section too that lists product based on the visitors browsing habits and even assists the customer out by showing recently viewed items clearly, allowing them to move to an item before completing the purchase with minimal friction.

Along with these, Perception System sharing 10 tips through following infographic that are indispensable to make your eCommerce home page a sales conversion platform.

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