Content Marketing Alphabet – 2017 Edition [Infographic]

It is not important anymore if you have a product based or a service based business, there is no other way around it. If you want to have a successful business, you need to build an online presence.

Just having a web page with some basic info isn’t going to cut it. Besides some rare exceptions, the chances are you are offering the same thing as thousands of other business with some small twists.

Maybe it is not fun to think about it this way, but in the end, this is a game of numbers. How does my web page rank, how many visitors do we get, how long do they stay, what is their conversion rate – this is just tip of the iceberg when it comes to following relevant metrics.

So how do we improve those numbers? The answer is simple – content marketing. Google strongly believes that quality content should be the key to driving a high amount of traffic. And that reason is enough to jump on the content marketing bandwagon.

You may think to yourself “well, fine I’ll just make some interesting content with decent design and that should do the trick“. Too bad that your every competitor thinks the same way. Just to give you some perspective, there are over 2,73 million posts published every day. And that number is surely even higher today.

Having those facts in mind, you can see how solid content often won’t get you that far. To launch your marketing efforts in the right direction, you first need to get familiar with the battlefield. Luckily for you, we have a manual.

This content marketing manual lists terms that are associated with this space and explains the ones that are most commonly used and arguably the most important to remember. Targeting the right Audience by using Blogger outreach to present them a Content they need, when they need it, is no laughing matter even for an experienced content marketing ninja.

Take a closer look at this infographic and you may qualify for a content marketing apprentice.

Content Marketing Alphabet – 2017 Edition [Infographic]

Martina is a co-founder of Point Visible digital agency. She is a digital marketing addict with years of experience, who also enjoys graphic design both at work and in her free time. And yes, she loves to travel. To travel a lot. :)