Why All Businesses Should Use Content Marketing [Infographic]

85% of marketers now use content marketing as part of their overall strategy. Are you one of them?

All businesses know how important it is to connect with consumers by email and social media and advertise to them with numerous online methods. However, a more subtle strategy with proven benefits is content marketing. This involves using various content types (blog posts, videos and even memes) to drive traffic to the company’s website where more direct ‘selling’ can take place.

Research suggests that web users are becoming blind to paid search and other ads, with the majority going straight to the organic search results. Consumers also view over 11 pieces of content about or related to a product before purchasing it. This and lots of other data is explored in a new infographic by Skilled.co.

But what is the solution? 

Well, if a business website is to have success in the search results and convert people into customers, it needs to have quality content indexed. This means launching a blog or posting articles to the site. These can then be shared to social media as part of the content marketing strategy.

Video is also an important part of content marketing and is ideal for social media where it is 40 times more likely to be shared and increases click-through by 65%. It also boosts the likelihood of a sale by 1.81 times according to the graphic.

One interesting tip is that videos uploaded to YouTube with your keywords in the title and description will rank higher and quicker than your webpages.

Just remember that to benefit you’ll need to include a link to your site in the video description.

Using images is also a good way to boost the effectiveness of content marketing. Research shows that 94% of articles get more views by using them. Including an image every 75 to 100 words means it will be twice as likely to get shared on social media. Including relevant keywords in the title and alt text tags of images on your site will also help it rank in the image search results.

Infographics (which are becoming popular) kill two birds with one stone, by taking all the info you might include in an article and displaying it in a graphical, more digestible and shareable way.

Did you know an infographic is 30 times more likely to be viewed than a regular article and 3 times more likely to be shared on social media?

Just remember to include some standard text on the webpage where the infographic is embedded because search engines won’t be able to index the text. This is because infographics are typically saved as image files.

The new infographic from Skilled.co – entitled “55 proven ways content marketing can benefit your business” – also takes a closer look at the different kinds of content marketing, methods for distributing the content, tips to improve click through rate, and much more. Check it out now!

Why All Businesses Should Use Content Marketing [Infographic]

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