53 Essential Features for Every Local Business Website [Infographic]

You might not realize that having a well-designed website is essential, even for a small local business. It can attract customers and help your business grow.  But, setting up a website and putting some product information in it is not enough.

Every successful business website has a set of essential features. According to your type of business, these features can vary. The design principles for a big multinational business is certainly not similar to a local small business site.

To provide a basic guide to the local business owners, WebAlive has put together an infographic that shows 53 must have features for local business websites. These features are chosen based on extensive research on other successful local business sites.

This useful infographic also contains practical on-site SEO tips and a list of things to avoid. Whether you have a custom-built site or one based on a popular CMS, make sure you have implemented these must-have features for your local business site.

We hope you will find this clearly presented infographic as a good visual guide for both you and your developer.

53 Essential Features for Every Local Business Website

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