What Is the Secret behind Uber’s Impressive Growth?

Uber is an app that connects passengers directly with drivers. It’s a convenient, affordable and safe driver service that makes it easy to connect drivers and passengers. But when the service first appeared, it was embroiled in controversy because of the conflict Uber caused with many taxi agencies around the world. However, despite the bad press, Uber has continued to thrive and is one of the biggest tech success stories of the last few years. But what is the secret behind Uber’s impressive and seemingly unstoppable growth?

1. Early Adopter Advocacy

Uber was launched in San Francisco and quickly realized that techies would initially be its biggest target market. So, Uber targeted these people through tech event sponsorship and began offering free rides for first-time customers.

San Francisco proved to be the perfect location to launch the service due to its notoriously patchy cab service. And early adopters annoyed with the poor quality of the taxi service in the city quickly adopted Uber and spread the word about it through social media. The app’s ease of use wowed new riders who in turn became advocates of the service, giving it the much needed boost it required to survive in an unwelcoming market environment.

2. Referrals

Early adopters also took advantage of the Uber referral program, which allowed them to earn credits for every person they referred. This program also gave first time riders a reason for trying the service. Drivers are also provided with referral incentives and the program has proved massively successful. Up to this day, the referral program has remained a vital part of the company’s marketing strategy.

3. Reviews

One huge differentiator between Uber and traditional cabs is its rating system for drivers and passengers. Drivers are highly motivated for high ratings which prompt them to provide the best service. Passengers are also subject to a ranking system, which makes rides a smoother experience for everyone.

4. Benefits for Uber Drivers

Apart from transforming the riding experience, Uber has proved to be very beneficial for drivers. Uber allows drivers to join easily, as long as they have the competencies necessary. Those who don’t can simply take mock tests to enhance their skills from sites like TopTests.co.uk. In addition, drivers only need a car that isn’t older than 5 years and a valid driver’s license. Drivers and even limo companies have been able to find jobs since Uber does not employ drivers but acts as the middleman between people looking for rides and drivers in a particular area.

5. Partnerships

Uber has developed partnerships with hotels and credit card companies to provide discounted rides to customers. Preferred guests earn hotel points each time they use Uber and this sort of partnership has enabled the service to grow. It also offers the company a great opportunity to cross promote their services.

Despite initial challenges, Uber has been able to weather through the storm and get where it is today. What was once a small startup in Silicon Valley has now ballooned into a global giant. There is no telling where Uber will go from here, but the company is showing no sign of slowing down and we can expect it to be a leader in the transportation industry for many years to come.

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