Facebook Image Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Creating powerful Facebook posts and ad campaigns take time, effort and an in-depth knowledge of the many elements that contribute to an engaging Facebook presence. Those who work in social media turn to Facebook for its targeting capabilities and versatility when it comes to posts and ads.

However, Facebook’s dimensions are constantly changing, and marketers, designers and other people working with the platform are forced to keep the pace in order to create successful posts and ads.

Thankfully, the below infographic created by TechWyse provides the ultimate guide for Facebook dimensions. The cheat sheet is a downloadable and printable infographic that you can simply pin on your desk, or bookmark on your computer, for reference whenever you need to know the recommended dimensions for Facebook images.

The infographic is exhaustive and covers everything from profile photos to mobile app ads. As well, you can expect to find tips and advice for ensuring your images are approved. For example, Facebook will not approve promoted posts with more than 20% text.

Neglecting to use the correct image dimensions for Facebook could result in your posts or ads being cut off, distorted and pixelated, for example. This could lead to users simply ignoring your posts, or not understanding the message you’re trying to get across.

The infographic also notes the allowed characters above and below posts, and how posts will be viewed on mobile. As well, it’s important to keep in mind that Facebook will automatically choose the center of your image, and if your post’s image size is smaller than 470x246px, Facebook will automatically render the image a thumbnail.

Check out the below infographic to learn more about Facebook’s image specifications to ensure your social media campaigns are successful and that all of your images are engaging.

Facebook Image Cheat Sheet

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