Site Evaluation and Improving User Experience

User experience is quickly becoming an inseparable part of the internet. Even when you have a lot of valuable content, you still need a website that presents good user experience to be successful. The same can be said for mobile apps and responsive sites. Constant evaluation and improvement are necessary to maintain a high level of user experience.

While QuickTapSurvey and our survey tools can help you gather the data you need to make the correct – and necessary – adjustments, you still have to define the metrics and parameters for the evaluation. If top user experience is what you’re aiming for, here are some of the things you need to look into.


Page Loading Time

One of the first things your visitors notice when visiting your site is the time needed to load the page completely. There are thousands – even millions – of websites competing for the same audience segment. On the other side of the spectrum, there is also the diminishing attention span of the viewers. A quick page loading time is key to staying ahead.

A lot of brands and site owners are moving their websites closer to the audience they’re targeting to gain an advantage. If you’re targeting customers in the London area, for instance, using UK-based hosting services such as will help your site perform a lot better.

The way the server is set up, the layout of your site, the visual elements that need to be loaded and other factors will influence the speed of the page too. Don’t hesitate to spend time fine-tuning these elements for the best results.

Navigation and Layout

Have you ever visited a website and instantly thought the site looks cluttered and uninteresting? Have you ever seen a new site that looks like it was developed in 1998? The slightest change in visual elements and the way the site is designed can greatly influence the way visitors feel about the site.

For example, changing the background color from a darker shade of grey to a brighter tone with a hint of light blue can change the mood of the site completely. Moving from cool colors to warmer ones can have the same effects.

All of these elements can be adjusted to create the right ‘ambience’ that suits your target audience perfectly. This is where QuickTapSurvey comes in. You can conduct an extensive survey to better understand your audience. The data you get at the end of the research will help you fine-tune the right elements to keep visitors happy.


Last but certainly not least, we have readability. While the site needs to look good and perform well, the most important task to complete is still content delivery. This means making sure articles can be read comfortably and that images and videos load properly.

You can experiment with different fonts, kerning and other configurations.  You can also alter the color of the text – and the background – to achieve different results. Again, this is about evaluating the site continuously. Check to see if your site’s visitors are happy after every change and you’ll be able to provide the best user experience to your customers.

Community manager at Visual Contenting. Jacqueline loves to talk about social media trends, new technology and how they help businesses accelerate their marketing efforts.