SocialPilot Social Media Scheduling and Marketing Tools for Professionals

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to what content to post on social media? Or how often should you be posting on a variety of social networks?

I don’t know about you. But for us, social media scheduling and posting is one of the most time consuming tasks. You have to be almost everywhere, every single social platform that your customers are on.

What if you have a tool that can help centralize all of your social media activities in one single place? A place where you can schedule and post your content automatically?

You may know about Hootsuite and Bufferapp but have you ever heard about SocialPilot? It’s one of the most wonderful discoveries that we’ve made till now as it’s such a convenient and powerful tool. And the best part is that it can schedule and publish your posts to Pinterest, amazing right?

Let’s get to know this tool.

Tweetable Statistics

Following are some tweetable statistics for you.

Social traffic substantially underperforms overall traffic from about 5 a.m. to noon. Click To Tweet And social substantially overperforms overall traffic from about 3 p.m. until 1 a.m. Click To Tweet

Social Outperform

Instagram leads social platforms for engagement with 2.81% of audiences engaging with a post. Click To Tweet


The best times to post on Facebook are Saturday and Sunday at 12–1 p.m. Click To Tweet


What’s SocialPilot?

As its name implies, SocialPilot is a great tool to autopilot your social media activities and it really is. It’s a cloud based service and as you know, you just sign up and use, no more download, no more install. It’s as simple as that.

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Pros and Cons         

What I love about SocialPilot is that it’s versatile and works with almost every popular social network. Specifically, it works with:

  • Facebook accounts with both profiles and pages.
  • Twitter accounts.
  • LinkedIn accounts, both profiles and pages.
  • Tumblr accounts.
  • Pinterest accounts, etc.
  • It also works with Instagram by sending you a quick reminder when it comes to the time to post on your Instagram account. And you can post on Instagram manually, it can’t post on Instagram for you.

SocialPilot also allows you to bulk schedule your posts. I find this feature pretty helpful if you usually compose your social posts in Excel. You can simply upload the Excel file to SociaPilot and schedule your posts all at once.

One disadvantage of SocialPilot is its lack of analytics component. This means that you can’t keep track of your posts in terms of engagement, shares and likes. You can still track your link’s click-through rates using a link shortening service like within SocialPilot. However, I think it still misses out a lot of insightful analytics that you can have with other social media tools. If you just want to schedule and fill in social channels with helpful content, SocialPilot is a great tool to go with. But if you want to dive deep into measurement and ROI of your content sharing, it may not be a good fit.

What You Can Do with SocialPilot?

Using SocialPilot, you can handle a wide range of activities on social media.

#1: Link to Social Accounts

Within SocialPilot dashboard, you have the ability to connect to your social media accounts and schedule your posts. Unfortunately, SocialPilot is currently not working with Google+. I think this is one of the missing points that SocialPilot hasn’t successfully addressed. Hopefully, this will be added in the future.


Now SocialPilot allows you to connect with your Google+ profile and pages. Yes, that’s true. 

#2: Bulk Schedule

You can compose your posts all at once in an Excel file and use SocialPilot to schedule these posts for you.

Imagine that using this feature you can schedule about several hundreds of posts through different social networks in a matter of minutes. Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s not to mention a good amount of time this feature can save you.

#3: Add Your Feed URL

Personally, I love how social media tools can help us share our content as soon as it’s published to gain maximum exposure using RSS feed. When I realize that SocialPilot supports this feature, needless to say how much I love it.

With this feature, you can schedule it to automatically publish your feed content on social networks or share great content from other influencers or bloggers in your industry.

#4: Content Suggestion

Run out of ideas to post on your social networks? Worry not as using SocialPilot, you can easily curate amazing content from other blogs or websites for your social networks.

#5: Personalize Your Brand on Facebook Posts

I think this is a brilliant feature as we typically have a trademark of publishing tools when we publish on Facebook using scheduling software like Hootsuite or Bufferapp. With SocialPilot, you can easily replace “Published by SocialPilot” with “Published by Your Brand Name”. By doing this, you build a consistent image for your brand and keep your fans and followers engaged with your authenticity.

Personallized FB1

Personallized FB2

#6: Link Shortening

Though SocialPilot lacks analytics part, it gives you the option to link to your link shortening service like which can help you pretty much in tracking your link’s click-through rates and referring channels.

#7: Account Groups

SocialPilot has group posting feature to help you categorize what you publish and where you publish. That said, using account groups, you can post differently on different social networks based on which account groups you’re sharing.

For examples, if you want to post same posts on Pinterest boards but different posts on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can create two groups, one for Pinterest boards and one for other social channels. When posting, you can easily schedule to these two groups without failing.

#8: Team collaboration

With team collaboration, you can add and manage your team members as well as allow them to schedule posts to your social networks.

#9: Mobile Apps

Use SocialPilot app on iOS or Android, you can immediately schedule posts that you feel interested in without forgetting the link.

Additional Resources to Best Use SocialPilot

Like other social media scheduling and publishing tools, SocialPilot is best used when you have a proper strategy to attract and engage with your audiences. Always publish helpful and visually appealing content and you will drive more traffic and followers to your brand page, that’s what we keep evangelizing here at Visual Contenting.

To help you get started with SocialPilot, we’ve created a FREE online course about how to use SocialPilot to schedule and publish your content through a variety of social networks which you can enroll here.

If you know or have new marketing tools that you want to share with Visual Contenting community, remember to give us a shout.

Catherine helps businesses and people tell great stories via visual content strategies that drive more traffic, engagement, connect with the right audience and convert them into loyal customers through well-thought-out online sales funnels. You can connect with her on Google+.

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