The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking [Gifographic]

It’s so unfortunate to see only a few reliable growth hacking guide for entrepreneurs to refer to. In fact, growth hacking became a very trending concept in today’s marketing world. Yet there are digital marketers who either have not heard about it, or they are implementing the strategies the wrong way.

Growth marketing is never achievable through corporate marketing playbook. You have to think out of the box and get things done the unconventional way. The word hacking in “growth hacking” is the key to success.

Actually, a hacker in computer world would try to find small untapped opportunities to penetrate a system. And in marketing, a growth hacker should see things from a different view than a typical corporate marketer.

Many digital marketers claim to do growth hacking, they unfortunately struggle to achieve a good result. The main reason they can’t achieve a great result is the fact that they forgot to connect their strategies to the most important elements: business model and value proposition.

The Growth Hacking Framework

Following a pattern that matches your business model and putting a proven growth framework in place can boost your conversion rate, and consequently your success. In general, we can break down the growth hacking framework into 3 steps: attract, activate, and engage.

Check out the below definitive guide for growth hacking gifographic (animated infographic) that clearly explains the four essential steps of growth hacking framework and provides a set of few actionable steps to follow.

growth hacking

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