Boost Social Media ROI with Visual Content Using MavSocial [#mapodcast]

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Listen to our interview with Matthew Holden, Founder and CEO of MavSocial about how we can maximize visual content on social media using MavSocial. Let’s dive in.

Tweetable Statistics

Photos are liked twice as much as text updates on Facebook. Click To Tweet


37% increase in engagement is experienced when Facebook posts include photographs. Click To Tweet


14% increase in pageviews are seen when press releases contain a photograph. Click To Tweet They climb to 48% when both photographs and videos are included. Click To Tweet


What’s MavSocial?

MavSocial is a cloud-based visual content management platform which means that you simply signup for an account and there you go. No download, no install, nothing technical, extremely easy.

Currently, MavSocial supports these following social networks:

  • Facebook profile and pages
  • Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn profile and pages
  • Instagram accounts
  • Tumblr accounts
  • Youtube accounts

Boost Social Media ROI with Visual Content Using MavSocial

Pros and Cons

What I love about MavSocial is that it’s systematic; you have full control over your social media activities. You can plan your social campaigns in advance with scheduled visual posts and manage them all in one place. By allowing you to manage your visual posts on social media in specific campaigns, you have a feel of total control over your social campaigns and know which one works best for your business.

You can also pull content from any websites or blogs that you like into MavSocial and curate them into your social feed. Isn’t this amazing?

MavSocial is also a platform where you can store all of your visual content from videos, images and audio files in one place called digital library. This digital library will come in handy if you’re finding some images or videos to go with your posts. You can also purchase stock images to integrate into your content right from MavSocial dashboard.

One minor thing that I don’t quite satisfy with this tool is that it’s a little bit confused to navigate through the dashboard and get used to it. Maybe because it’s packed with a lot of functionalities that sometimes we have to figure way out to get around it. But do not worry as we have done the heavy lifting work for you by creating a FREE course about how to improve visual content ROI on social media using MavSocial.

What You Can Do with MavSocial

MavSocial enables you to centralize visual content for easy management, scheduling and publishing your posts via a variety of social networks:

  • Digital library to store your videos, images and audio files for quick access.
  • Easy to curate helpful content from other blogs and websites.
  • Purchase and include stock images into your posts right from the dashboard.
  • Manage your posts in campaigns and can plan them ahead to your specific events or seasonal promotions.
  • You have the ability to listen to what people are sharing and talking about on your social networks and can effortlessly comment, like or share what resonates with your brand.
  • You can have reports on your published content to see which one works best and have plan to share similar content for more engagement.

Additional Resources to Best Use MavSocial

We’re working on creating a FREE online course about how to improve visual content ROI on social media using MavSocial, we’ll keep you updated once it’s done.

If you know or have new marketing tools that you want to share with Visual Contenting community, remember to give us a shout.

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